hi, when i put my zumo together i used the 1.85mm spacer as using 8 cassette, was i also meant to put spacers that came with zumo in too as gears are continually slipping. or is it the fact i use mountain bike instead of road?

1.85 for 8 speed cassette on 11 speed freehub.

Gears slipping can either be worn chain, cassette or chainrings (or any combination of), or if the freehub isnt installed properly, that could be slipping. Measure your chain would be the first thing to do, then check what gears you are slipping in. If all, then check wear on chainring(s)

EDIT: also make sure chainline is fine and you have adjusted deraileur

thanks, so i didnt need to add the spacers that came with it aswell?


Did you buy a new cassette for the trainer, or are you using the cassette from your MTB?

If it’s a new cassette then it’s probably a worn chain and new cassette mismatch.

Hi, it’s the chain and cassette from same bike so a little lost