SOS power issues

I started indoor riding on my trainer Wahoo Snap this October. I have been averaging about 160 miles per week and about 160-165 average watts per ride. I took my bike off the Snap to change the tire. When I put my bike back on I immediately noticed a difference in watts during my ride. It was hard to even cruise at 160 watts witch is what I always did. I did 2 rides and my average watts were 150. I was looking to get a new trainer so I figure I would just go ahead and get a new one and that would prob fix the problem too. I got a Wahoo Kicker. Set it up, firmware is up to date, calibrated… rode it…my power is still off. Telling me I’m putting out 120-130 watts when it feels like I’m in mud putting out 300+ I just finish a 20 mile ride I had to quit because I was wrecking myself. My Avg watts was 145. It’s just not right. I’ve never had power issues like this before. I also have made so much progress in the past two months and it’s very frustrating not being able to ride how I was. Could easily do a 40-50 mile ride each day and now I can hardly get 20 miles in.

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The kicker is a very accurate trainer. Do you know if your older trainer was just reading high?

One other thing there was some issues with the latest firmware, you may want to search for the correct version to downgrade.

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What w/kg is that?

I agree with Gerrie that most likely your snap was reading high (most wheel on trainers do) and the direct drive kickr is far better and more accurate. Can you also give us a run down of your setup, what devices do you use and how do you connect (ant+ or bluetooth)?

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I had the same issue with my Snap for 2 rides before I got the Kicker and it just feels like I am working too hard. I am always in the big ring on the road IRL and hardly go into the small one unless it’s a big climb. On the Kicker I can hardly use the big ring and I am always cross chaining. I did know the the Kicker was the most accurate one out there but It feels soo off from real life. I’d say the Snap before I had this issue felt closer to real life for me. I’ve been cycling for 5 years now and im not weak. I don’t think 120-130 watts should feel like pushing through mud, it never has before. My set up is my Mac book connected to Bluetooth!

Also how would I find the correct version of the firmware to downgrade?

See this thread:

Also, I would suggest trying ANT+ with an extension usb cable so the dongle is right under your Kickr.

I would have no idea how to use ANT I am not familiar with that! Any advise on how to get that set up?

Buy something like this and all you should need to do is plug it into your Mac.

CooSpo USB ANT Stick,ANT+ Dongle for Indoor Cycling Training Data Transmission, Compatible with BKOOL Wahoo TacX Bike Trainer,Zwift TrainerRoad Garmin Connect Cycleops Trainer Rouvy TacX Vortex

Thanks dude!