Sorting on column age does not work....... Will it be fixed?

I used to be able to sort results on the age column. The only way I can get near the top of the list.

Now the sort changes the order but in a random kind of way.

It would be nice if it worked like before.

Anyone else had this problem?

Hi @Andrew_M_LD Andrew - welcome to the forums!

I’m sure I’ve used it in the distant past and it worked, but I’m now getting the same result as you.

Me too, I’ve let Flint know.

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I’ve created a ticket and given it to the team. It’ll be fixed in time, though I can’t say for certain when.

Thanks for reporting!

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Thanks! Here’s hoping

Still not able to sort on age. The sort link button works but just produces a random order.

A fix would be appreciated. Or is too difficult with the Juniors, Masters, Vets etc categories as well as the age numbers?

Thanks in advance…

Bumping this.

Just like IRL, I look to how I performed against people in my age group because I have little chance of competing against the entire Zwift field, especially as a light rider forced into cat A.

As an extension, I think the age groups should be narrowed to 5-year increments. And are the age group names standard? Do we need the names at all?

This still appears not to be fixed. Is the ticket still open?

Don’t know about the ticket I’m afraid. Feeble support from Zwift.

I’ll have a chat with our Zwiftpower developer (who has been working on projects of a higher priority than whether or not you can sort by age).

Had a chat, he’s going to try and see if he can look into it next week.

Coming back to this, there’s a technical reason why this is a considerable amount of work, which we’re currently not able to prioritise based on other things that we’re working on.

Reading between the lines, this isn’t something that we’re likely to do.

No surprise there! The functionality was originally built in and was removed, presumably as part of an ‘upgrade’ … haha. Strangely enough old folk like me are more interested in age ranked achievements than just knowing how quickly our powers are declining. I voted with my feet and stopped my Zwift subscription a few months ago.

Because you couldn’t filter by age?

Probably not the whole story but a significant demotivator