Sooo…What type of rider am I?

In ZA, there is this whole talk about learning what type of rider you are. Now that I finished, I was hoping Zwift would tell me if I am a sprinter, puncheur, time trialist, or else. All I see is how my times compare to baseline ride. Don’t take me wrong, seeing improvement is great, but I also want to learn how I did relative to other people. It would be nice to see what percentile I fall into for each segment to see what my strengths and weaknesses are. I guess I set my expectations a little too high.


You’re right, they don’t give you any really useful information or comparison. In my opinion they should, because it’s easy enough to see from the data they’re gathering

What (kind of) works for me is ZwiftPower. If you make a profile there it will start logging your performance in races and group rides, and compare your efforts against others on the 15s, 1m, 5m and 20m points of your power curve.

check out Today’s Plan it is free with the Academy.

The new Wahoo Systm (replacing Sufferfest) has a 14 day free trial (in my case 74 as I bought a KickR a while back). Their full 4DP test classifies you as a a sprinter, puncheur, time trialist or climber. However its a bit tougher than most FTP tests.

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Use x-ert… it gives you some very good graphs to show your strengths and I find it is a lot more accurate with estimating my power. Due to it being a adaptive training program it gives the options of what workouts to do which will suit you best. It does have a 30 day free trail with it.

One more site to check is it is free but you can donate if you like it.


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