Help understanding what I am supposed to do


14 days of Zwift and this is the first time I post so bear with me for my silly questions :grinning:

I’ve always been running alone in the real world. Never paid much attention to my wattage. I just get on the bike and go. With Zwift I’m changing my attitude towards this sport. I’m enjoying workouts and my very bad runs :joy:

I could be wrong but I feel that understanding my role is vital if I want to enjoy Zwift.

After 4 races and 10 workouts I have enough data to realize that I’m like a stupid horse constantly going max as if there’s no tomorrow. This is particularly true in my last run.

Highest wattage in 20m, 5m, 1m, 30s and 5s (second in 15s) and ranked 4th (+2:30) because I have no tattic. I don’t know when I should attack, follow, hold position, go faster, sprint and most importantly what to do during climbs.

The reason is pretty simple. I have no idea of what type of cyclist I am. Climber? Sprinter? Puncher? Rider? All-rounder? Failure? :rofl:

I know what’s the purpose of each of the above categories therefore knowing where I belong would be of much help.

180cm, 70kg, FTP 240w and this is my ridiculous power curve. Zwiftpower says I’m C - almost B.

Don’t worry about providing me explanations. Please, just tell me what I am so that I can stick to dos and don’ts of my role.

Thanks for your time.

Don’t worry about pigeon holeing yourself into a category at this early stage.

Ride and enjoy it.

If you have just started training, It will be safe to assume you will be no where your ceiling for any category.


Thanks for reply.

I started cycling 14 months ago totaling 6600 km offline (not on Zwift). Before that I was a runner but I had to stop due to continuous injures to my knee.

Long story short probably my power curve is already defined (more or less). Of course I can train and improve but I don’t think I can transform into something else. I might be wrong though.

Anyway I understand your point of view. Learning by doing surely is the best approach. Time will tell even if atm 100% of the times I don’t know what I am doing :grimacing:

I feel powerful during short climbs and when sprining. I guess I’ll start from here and wait few more weeks before making plans :+1: Thanks.