ZA Road rider type

I did the ZA road baseline and finishline rides and for some reason I didn’t get an email about my tider type
I weigh 51kg and am 173cm.

For the short I got 26sec
For the medium I got 1:46min
For the long I got 8:47min

What would my rider type be with these times? will give you a phenotype, as a free member they cover rides indoors and out going back three months iirc.

Your middle segment looks the strongest to me in my foggy state, you may well be classified as a puncheur.

ZA Road was more interested in your wkg as opposed to your times for each segment.

You can find your wkg on your ZwiftPower account - go into both ride results and click on Sprints &KOM tab and you will see more info on times, Watts and wkg.

You did bests of
8.6 wkg Sprint in Finish Line
6.0 wkg in medium segment in Finish Line
3.7 wkg in Long Segment in Baseline Ride (suspect you were shattered in Finish Line ride)

As above at first glance looks like your medium segment effort might be best so Pursuiter.
(I’m no expert but I suspect many Zwift riders are All Rounders but this was not a Phenotype Zwift were using )

Here are two very similar articles from ZwiftInsider which will provide more information and useful links.

Your ZwiftPower results can provide useful information as to personal bests for several time periods.
However I know you originally were on ZPower until you changed to a new direct drive trainer. Almost all your short time duration PBs are from ZP and somehow should be deleted/ignored.

If anyone else has read this far (:joy:!) and knows how past ZwiftPower performances can be ignored in the results re PBs could they let us know.

Thanks, I did crack on the finish line ride because I had done a lot more training the last 2 weeks than usual, and on a ZI Tiny Race I did 4w/kg for about 9mins so I’m sure that would be very close to what I can do on the Volcano KOM. If there is a way for me to remove those old ZP stats then I will because it stuffs up my Zwift in game power curve and stuff.

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