Some people can’t draft in group ride after April 29 update

As ride leaders for B group on the rise & grind Slowtwitch ride this morning, I could not draft off of anyone. Several others complained of not being able to draft, but everyone else could. I tried 3 different bike and wheel combos- none were TT bikes, but still couldn’t draft. When I quit the ride, I could draft right away. I joined another race and I could draft. But I rejoined the rise & grind group ride twice (as yellow beacon) and couldn’t draft either time.

Didn’t have the problem last week- so likely related to the April 29 update.


i was on a vietvelo ride last night and we were having weird drafting issues, too. some of the higher power riders were having to push really hard to keep up, but some of the lower power riders (like me) were going 24mph with only 130w of output. there were several instances where i was doing 1.5 w/kg and smoking guys doing 3.5-4 w/kg. my weight is right and my trainer is calibrated – i’ve done that ride many many times and it was just a trainwreck last night.

definitely feels like something is wrong with the draft, but it feels like there is another factor, too. almost like the rubberband in a group workout, but not working properly.


I saw a lot of comments in the KOA race this morning about People not having draft.

The ODZ Wagner’s Wagon also reported no draft.

Some reports said that the draft came back after the event was over.


Same on the SZR Sunrise Group Ride at 7:05 am GMT this morning. Numerous riders affected, including myself.


This happened to me too today! I did a race and avg’d 4.5 w/kg and finished near the back with people who averaged 2.9 w/kg. Drafting for sure wasn’t working.


I am in the Bahrain ride ride now and can’t draft at all, getting passed by packs going 2wkg slower.

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It looks like they are addressing this issue:


What is the current Zwift version for the iPad??
I am running 1.0.48969 and my Zwift app was last updated April 22nd.

Everyone - thanks for flagging up this bug.

We’re aware and working on releasing a patch ASAP. Hopefully that means today on all OS platforms.


I still can’t use any of the power ups. In the left upper circle it only appears a purple dot with a “ + “ sign, i cant draft or power up with any of the icons it use to appear. ( feather truck etc…)

Hi @Geno_Cusi
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If you only get the XP bonus as a power-up then you are most probably on a TT bike. The TT bike can’t draft and don’t get powerup’s except for the XP power up.


The problem isn’t solved yet. Today I tried for the second time to participate in a race, where I couldn’t draft. This is not a funny way to do competition

Normally if people don’t have draft then they don’t finish top ten (although your event did have a lot of hills). Maybe the event was a no draft event? What bike were you on? Was your avatar in the drops the whole time?