Buggy Draft Effect Being Patched [April 29 2020]

Hi everybody,

If you updated to the April 29 game update, you may notice that the draft effect is wonky - it may feel like you’re working harder than you should.

Some derailleurs have gone missing, and we’re working on that bug as well.

We are aware of both issues, and prioritizing the fixes this morning. We’re targeting a patch to go out later today. Thanks to those who flagged it up to us!


@shooj: Is this across all platforms, or just some subset? (I wish I had read the forum before updating this morning!)

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Seems to be across all platforms.

Game version 1.0.49777 for Windows & Mac has been released. This should fix the issue where people were not feeling a draft in events. We’re working on the same patch for other OS platforms and hope to update ASAP, but just so you’re aware, the iOS and ATV platforms take additional time to pass Apple’s review process.


Thanks. Missing a digit there?

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Yup, corrected.


Hope we’re luckier with this one. :wink:

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  • 1.0.49821 patch went out this evening for Mac, PC, and Android
    • This addressed a more robust change to compliment the patch earlier (1.0.49777) this morning.

The patches for iOS and Apple TV will go live pending Apple review & approval.

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1.0.49822 is out for Apple TV and iOS.
This addresses the high speed bug.

Does this also correct the ‘ludicrous speed’ issue, or will that be yet another update? With bugs like this Zwift might as well have gone ahead and put out the ATV UI update!

Edit: Looks like you answered this question while I was asking it. Thanks!


Still seem to have drafting bug on AppleTV with latest ver. 1.0.49822 during yesterday
Tour For All ride (with road bike, sure)… rider is not leaning forward (and no power saving) even in the mid of the huge pack for whole race (while others do). Same symptoms as last few weeks


Seems to be fine on Windows. Did stage 1 of the Tour For All last night, spent the entire ride within a large group, clearly enjoying the expected draft effect and knocked 7 minutes off my best time for 25 miles as a result.

Has the patch been released on ATV yet?

Yes, I posted about ATV upstream. Are you still having issues after updating to v1.0.49822?

The rider should be sitting up when mid-pack, not leaning forward. The leaning forward is for when you’re NOT in the draft.


Sorry I don’t think I asked the right question. Thank you, I can see that your processed the patch for ATV what I meant to ask was ‘has it gone live?’ Or are you still waiting for Apple to approve it? I did a meet-up tonight and think it was working as I didn’t get spat out the back and stayed with front group. Will do another race tomorrow and see what it feels like. Thanks, Ben.

Hm… then why all other 20+ ppl in the pack were in different (more aero) position all the ride being upward just for few times?

PS: Also my power doesnt seem to be saved anyhow (but this might be subjective point tho)

What you see is not always what others see. Your avatar will sit up to indicate to you that you’re getting a draft benefit, but the avatars of other riders will not do the same (and they do not see your avatar sit up when you do, but they would see theirs sit up when in the draft). Below certain speeds I think everyone is just sitting up.

The power is tough one because everyone seems to be constantly moving around in the pack, and because the draft is more prevalent on flat terrain, where actual watts are more important that wkg. So, you might see that you are in the draft but putting out more wkg than the rider in front of you (since the Riders Nearby list only shows the wkg), but that rider might be heavier than you, meaning he may actually be putting out more absolute watts (300 watts @ 100kg = 3 wkg while 250 watts at 75 kg = 3.33 wkg).

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Wow, such a deep knowledge answer, thanks a lot! Its more clear now and make sense

Yes, the patch for AppleTV went live several days ago.

I have seen cases when the “auto-update apps” toggle on Apple TV doesn’t actually update apps automatically. You may need to manually update the Zwift app in the Apple Store.