Sole F63 works great with Zwift via Bluetooth

Hi all,

Since I haven’t seen it in the forums, I just want to mention that we just purchased the Sole F63 treadmill and it works great with Zwift. It connects via Bluetooth and transmits the running speed. In case anyone wondered.


Hi, did your ipad just find the treadmill or did you need anything else? I’m in the process of getting a treadmill and had been looking at a Schwinn but they don’t appear to pair with Zwift so Sole may be my alternative. Does Zwift control incline like it does on a smart turbo or just record your run. Thanks

Yup, it works out of the box. Both Zwift directly on iPad/iPhone or Zwift Companion on iOS and then connecting to a PC works great.

You only get the running speed that you set on the treadmill. I don’t think any treadmill, regardless of brand, can get controlled by Zwift (speed or incline). Zwift doesn’t support it either.

Great thanks, that’s just saved me a fortune and from being disappointed. The one I was looking at doesn’t pair and was £250 more expensive! Any other benefits you’ve discovered? It’s a big investment so building my case for my husband :smiley:.

It’s our first treadmill, so don’t have much to compare it with, but so far we are super happy with it.

The only negative thing, which we knew about when we purchased it, is that it is quite big in the front, and a bit plastic feel to buttons and so on. It’s not the scandinavian minimalistic design that we’re used to if I say it like that :slight_smile:

But so far, very satisfied with it. We always use it with Zwift, so haven’t used the built-in programs.

I have not been equally successful using the F63. No success on IPhone, IPad or AT 4. Just wonder if there might be a Sole F63 version issue. I’m running v1.1

Just wonder if you are using a F63. In the post Treadmill - max budget of €2000 you state that you are happy with your F65. So is you experience for a F63 or F65?

I’ve heard that it is only those manufactured from 2019 and onwards that have the bluetooth functionality. Can you connect to it with their own (crappy) iOS app?

We have the F63.

Thanks for clarifying. I’m afraid that my device was manufactured in a pre 2019 batch :smirk:
Yes, I can connect it to their iOS app. I have tested before but when I saw your post I for a moment thought that Zwift had done something.
Upgrading F63 FW is likely not trivial or even possible, I guess.


If it supports the app via BT, one would think it works also with Zwift, but then things are not always what they seem :slight_smile:

In my setup, it is visible as a treadmill in Zwift without any hassle. Just to confirm, other types of BT connected device works in your setup? So it’s not something with the iOS devices and Zwift on them

i have a smart trainer connected to the same iOS device (ATV 4) but not at the same time and so it works just fine.

Just a question can you see the trademill as a BT device in BT (settings) menu on the iOS device?


Just saw that I missed your reply, sorry about that. You can find screenshots in another thread I replied to: Sole Fitness F65 AC (2019)

Hope this helps!

So we have the same problem with the same fw level v.1.1
Mine is a Sole F65 AC. Let’s see if it will be supported.
As Martin says in the other thread there is an extensive discussion with screenshots and so on.

hello guys I’m new to the forum but I need you right away. I have a Toorx Compact-s treadmill with a USB port for the Trx app gate key to access Kinomap. Now, if in the same port I put the ANT I connect Zwift? In Italy I have not yet found anyone who has answered me.
thanks 1000

This is great to hear, I had a quick question. I just bought the F63 and am waiting for it to deliver.
I know it comes with a heart rate strap, when you pair the strap to the treadmill, does zwift track your heart rate while running, from the treadmill broadcast, or do you need to pair different heart rate monitor for Zwift to see?

Thanks for the post, it actually helped me make my decision to buy the F63!!!

This post just made my day! Because the SOLE Apps aren’t great. I just tested and my iPhone immediately recognized the treadmill and worked great! I am going to test the heart rate later today - to see if it will send that from treadmill - or if it will require a separate chest strap pairing to the iPhone/iPad… unless someone can answer it.

Looks like the HR and and Cadence if desired have to be paired with the Zwift app. If I connect HRM to F63 - then the treadmill cannot be paired to the Zwift app.

I just tried getting my Sole F63 to talk to Zwift after many months of giving up. Again, after fiddling around with it on my PC (running windows 10) I had no luck. The best I could do is it would temporarily see the speed but would lose it as soon as I’d start a run.

I went online and found this tread to see if I could find any clues and did not but had an idea. I recently learned my Google Pixel (3a) could run the full blown Zwift app and decided to give it a shot. Voila! The app running off of my cell phone worked perfectly. I started a run and it picked up run speed changes every time.

I guess my takeaway from reading this topic and my own experiences is the F63’s success depends largely on what device you are trying to use it with.

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I have found that the STRYD foot pod is all that is needed. Here is my story: I have a Sole TT8 and I bought it because it has Bluetooth and connects to the pc laptop and works with Zwift. The problem is the Bluetooth always drops out or does not connect. Sooooo, I bought the STRYD. That thing connects to the pc / Zwift flawlessly.
Now, I realize that any treadmill will work with Zwift. All that is needed is the STRYD foot pod. Wish I had known this before spending $2500 on the TT8.

I am not able to get it to work. It simply doesn’t show up in the connect menu with belt running or stopped, hr mode and app mode. When I open the SOLE app it shows up and works right away, so not sure how you got it to work.
Tried it on 2 android devices and my macbook.

With my Android phone you have to turn on zwift and the sole f63 then go to the bluetooth menu settings on the android device, pair with the sole f63 and it will inform you it needs to pair with an app but will make a Bluetooth connection.

The sole f63 will show Bluetooth App icon on the sole display.
Then go back to zwift and it should find it.

Hope this helps.

It works perfectly on my Samsung A51 smartphone but I cannot get it to connect to my Samsung A7 tablet.
Same issue as you even after all the above the zwift app won’t find the F63???