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Hi. I have searched for a while regarding my issues but haven’t found a solution yet. Got the neseccary items to start zwifting today. Wahoo heart rate, cadence and speed sensors. I have an elite Crono E Force (dumb trainer) that I am using with an old bike 3x7 altura with tyres 26x1.5 (waiting for delivery of a road bike at the moment). All set up and connected correctly. Now, i am 6ft 7, and weigh 104kg and I am not unfit. I am a regular mountain biker just thought I would give zwift a try. I am a little put off at how slow my avatar moves. I understand it is a lot different but I struggle to surpass 10mph on flats. So, I have tried to keep around 100rpm and this for me produces 120 watts at 9-10mph. I feel like I am spinning but not gaining any speed or speed it is not relative to my effort. Maintaining 100-120 watts at 100+rpm, I am being passed by literally everyone and this is no exaggeration. 100rpm is a fast cadence for me coming from mtb but was wondering if something is amiss here. I am aware I am heavier than most but it is not overweight for myself. More build than pork pies. Hoping someone can help me out here as I enjoy the game but not plodding along at 10mph… Thanks.

Hi @Tom_Massey

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It may just be the gearing of your bike, zwift use a speed power curve to calculate the in game power . So the faster the wheel spin the more power. If you have a a Mtb on the trainer then a road bike will have better gearing and will have more speed.

A typical power curve look like this.

Tom: Be sure that you’ve read this article about pairing your Elite trainer:

@Gerrie_Delport @1506, thanks for the reply guys. Steve, in regards to the setting up of the trainer, I have followed the processes correctly and selected the one stated in the list you provided. It says to select the Elite Novo Force at L3. As it being a dumb trainer, there is nothing else I can do with the actual trainer.

Gerrie, if this is the case then I will have to wait out until monday. Hopefully this is my issue as the bike being used currently is just my pub bike.

Just a quick update. It felt better today and seemed to respond to my Inputs better. I carried out a ramp test to get my FTP but after completion I am not too sure where you can view it.

That is good news @Tom_Massey

this link will be helpful.

Thank you very much for your help. Everything going better and I am getting the hang of it. Just looking forwards to trying the new bike when it arrives wednesday!


How’d it go?

Its going well thank you. Really enjoying zwift. The accuracy of power, cadence and speed is much better I think and responds well to my inputs. Only so accurate you can get with a dumb trainer so may have to invest in a smart trainer once they return to stock!

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