Smartrow owners experience on Zwift? Any luck sending Smartrow power data to Zwift?

Smartrow owners, have you tried broadcasting Bluetooth power data to Zwift yet?
How did it go for you? …and what OS did you try Smartrow and Zwift from, thanks?

For some years now Smartrow has advertised being able to broadcast Bluetooth power data to Zwift via their Smartrow app from a Smartrow power meter installed on WaterRower rowing machines. First-hand user reviews are still hard to find so if you own a Smartrow power meter and have tried broadcasting power to Zwift I would love to hear your honest experience with it. Good, bad, or ugly.

Thank you for sharing :slight_smile:

I’m using the Concept2, not the WaterRower / Smartrow. I use the PainSled / RowedBiker app for bridging the rowing watts to Zwift, that works flawless. There is a good guide on describing how to set it up - maybe it works for you too.

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i have tried the smartrow app with waterrower. the rowed biker app is more convinient to me. meaning, rowed biker is connecting via usb to go cable to android tablet (from waterrower head unit) and then connecting to zwift to PC/IPAD via Bluetooth. With this setup i dont need smartrow.

Without using rowed biker, smartrow is able to connect to zwift on PC/IPAD directly via Bluetooth.

I have in mind that the connection from smartrow to rowed biker doesn’t work via Bluetooth.

Nevertheless, the original pulley works better than smartrow. I have to pull carefully not causing a beltsuck.

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Correct, PainSled and RowedBiker do not connect directly to smartrow. They had their own closed BLE protocol last time I checked (years ago?)

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