Concept2 (Model D PM5) Rowing Machine - Pairing Issue

Hi All, I just recently purchased the concept2 rowing machine.
I cant seem to pair Zwift with my phone or iPad.
When I select connect on the PM5 the iPhone and iPad do not pick anything up, but when I use an android it picks it up so It connects on that, however after a few seconds it shows up with ‘No Signal’.
I can use all the other apps fine on my iPhone connected to the rower via bluetooth, its just Zwift I’m having issues with.
Anyone else with similar issues?

You can’t pair the Concept2 directly. You can pair it through Painsled. See

You can also use an app called rowedbiker, I have an article about it on my blog Zwift4kids

Thank you !! Got it working :slight_smile:
So all this time I was trying to run both apps on the same device.
On the Painsled app I selected Zwift option in settings, and then used Zwift on an android device , connected / paired to my IPhone.
I just need to figure out why Zwift doesn’t run on my iphone (its software is up to date) as it doesn’t pair with anything.

Thank you! :slight_smile: