Minimum Equipment for rowing

Hey there!
Loving Zwift on bike I would like to buy a indoor rowing machine. Hearing that Zwift will implement rowing soon, I want to buy a machine I can use on Zwift for sure.

What is the minimum Equipment for an indoor rower to use it on Zwift? Is Bluetooth enough? Which rowers (will) provide zwifting? Beside the Concept2, is - for example - the Sportstech WRX700 compatible?

I‘m using my iPhone for zwifting, connected with a TV and would like to do so with rowing, too.

Thanks from Germany

Hi Martin,
at the moment there is no release date for official rowing in Zwift, and you can see in other topics that there is no real hope for a quick solution. However, rowing in Zwift is already possible and works flawless if you don’t mind that your avatar is a cyclist. I’ve been using it for years now with my Concept2, it’s great fun! There’s a great instruction guide for how to set up rowing in Zwift on zwiftinsider, just google for “rowing on zwift“.

I’ve no idea if Concept2 is the only supported rower, I’ve never heard of another machine being used for Zwift. But there’s many good reasons why Concept2 is the market leader, it’s just a great and absolutely reliable machine.

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Hi S! Many Thanks for your response.

I’m actually more interested in a water rower Made out of wood materials. that’s why I asked about the Minimum Equipment for a Zwift rower to see which other rowers might be compatible in the Future. I would like to know which technical equipment is needed to use the rower on Zwift. Is Bluetooth sufficient? Or will I Need more?

i have a WaterRower and the bluetooth adapter.
it connects to Kinomap correctly and im guessing when zwift introduces rowing it will work great with it as well.
i did purchase the ipad holder which is nice to have.
ive used the concept2 with the pm5 at my brothers and im sure that will work as well once Zwift figures it out…