Smarter Join Rider or Group

(Michael Coyne [CCCP]) #1

Rather than getting dropped into the game at a stop, why not have the joining rider’s Avatar inserted into the game as an AI rider who is in draft position of the leader/rider being joined?  The joining rider’s Avatar should be matching the speed of the joined rider.

Over a period of ten or twenty seconds, the joining rider can then gradually spool up their output on the trainer to match that of the AI representation in draft.  As the match is achieved, there could be a cool animation effect of the AI transferring into a real rider.  (e.g., Matrix like morph effect, meteor or lightning strike, etc.)

(GARNIER Stephane) #2

For sure.

I never use this feature as I’m dropped out as soon as I enter into the game.

(Michiel van der Wal [HIK] (B)) #3

Would be a great addition, especially like your proposed animation effect. Very cool!

(. TomH..) #4

Hi Michael, 

Thank you very much for you suggestion this sound like a great idea! I personally love it and I hope our developers will be as excited :slight_smile: Let me add it to our request list right away! 

Thank you very much.



(Andrew Jarrod) #5

I like the idea.  Combine this with the below thread idea to find / create a group and things get very professional.


(Michael Henasey) #6

first great idea i’ve heard in a long time :slight_smile:

(Cleve Waterman 69y/o) #7

I tried the “Join Rider” feature for the first time this weekend. I choose the leader of a ride in progress, spun my trainer up as fast as I could and then clicked “Ride”.  The yellow beam was still far, far up the road when I materialized.  Needs work.