Join rider but with a 10 sec lead + possibility to join a rider during the game without leaving the application

It’s possible to join a rider, maybe even a group but the problem is that we always have to close a gapp. Sometimes it’s possible but sometimes you are left behind.


Also it would be nice that we can join a rider during the game. Currently at the start of the game you can choose a rider and or workout. During the game you change the workout but you can’t change the rider who you ride with.

Would be nice because that way we don’t have to exit the game!



Agreed entirely on the join operation and how it should place you ahead of the rider you join.  The second idea (jump to rider) is a bit more problematic because of what it would represent in third party GPS apps like Strava.  Maybe what is needed is some better visibility when a followed rider joins and some indication where they are on course and which direction.  If two people knew this they could likely meet up by adjusting speed or doing u-turns.

I would think the JOIN RIDER would actually drop you about 1 minute ahead of the target so you could settle in.  10 seconds is too little room to get up to speed from a dead start. 

Too bad if you end up on the wrong choice of an intersection turn :slight_smile:

Agree on the join rider.  Tried doing this multiple times with my brother other day and it took forever to figure out where the hell we were to ride together for a bit.  I’m sure they will continue to improve it though.