Improve drop-in point when joining a ride

Currently, when entering the game by joining another rider, it takes a lot of effort to speed up from standing still to catch the rider.  

Instead, the starting point should be certain distance ahead of the rider I am trying to join based on that rider’s speed.

Here is an example I ran into.  When joining a group of riders riding at 2.5 to 3w/kg on the Richmond course, by the time my avatar is ready in the game, the group had flew by.  It was very difficult to catch up to the group even when sprinting.

Hi William - we feel you. An improvement is in the works :slight_smile:

Thanks Scott!

This would be verry much appriciated function. Another function that I would like to see is a searchable join list. So if I know that my friend is in the game and I would like to find him, Then I don´t like to spend time scrolling through the list of hundreds of people in the game. I would like to be able to search in the user list. This would be good also for grouprides you could search for the leader or a groupride tag in the game.

Many thanks in advance

Hi Scott! 

Many ideas came up in the Zwift Riders group! when you click join follower Zwift could check current user speed/power and give the rider who is about to join some x seconds ahead!

If follower rider is stopped then it would be 0 seconds.

Best regards,

António Nascimento

I just wanted ot make a similar post.

I also would like a small change to the “join rider” system.

I lost my ANT connection today and restarted Zwft.

I was in a groupride and I joined rider X but then it was impossible to close the gap.

Hope that they fix this by letting the new rider start well in front of the rider you want to join. Say 200-300 meters so have some say 15 seconds to get to speed. 

Best regards

Peter H