"beam forward a minute button"

(Percy Zahl) #1

Often it’s hard to coordinate to get into a group to ride with and I have a problem using the start “join a rider” menu – it seam to refresh often and I hardly can scroll down and find a name before it jumps to top again.

However, it would be a very use full feature, may be some what restricted to be used only within the 1st lap for example:

A button to “beam/jump” forward a minute on each hit for example so you can easy position your self on the course little ahead of the group or rider to join.

(Alan Hamilton - MRC) #2

I was also thinking about something similar. One day I had to work very hard for many minutes to catch a clubmate so we could ride together. I only noticed he was riding after I started so I did not use the “Join” on the start menu. I was thinking it would be nice to have a Star Trek-like transporter feature that could pop you right near the rider of your choice. Of course this could be used nefariously, but maybe it could be a one-time-use feature that went away after X minutes so it could only be used right after starting a ride.

(Percy Zahl) #3

if you can work hard and have a chance to get them fine, but if you find friends 1/2 … 3/4 lap up – it’s pretty much impossible to catch up if riding similar pace – only option would be to stop and wait until they come up again.

(Simon Oxenham [VC10]) #4

Team car pulls up alongside and offers a ‘sticky’ bottle :wink:

(Percy Zahl) #5

Team car, love it :slight_smile: That mystery brake or seat post adjustment for a minute…