Pedal assist & joining riders in race

(🚁💨 choppa.slw) #1

The latest update to join riders (initial pedal assist) makes influencing races too easy; potential race exploit:  join rider in a race and lead them out to the end, or perform general assistance during their race (ie. help them pull in a chase group).  A rider can now call for backup at any time and a rider with fresh legs is right there to work for them.
Joining riders is great, but I don’t think the option should be available for riders currently participating in a race.

(Jason K) #2

Thanks for the feedback - I’ve passed it on to the team, and we’ll keep an eye on it.

(John Watson) #3

Honestly you shouldn’t be able to draft off non event participants and collision should be turned off. As a tall rider my avatar frequently hooks onto others and makes them faster than they would be otherwise.