Smart trainers and race bikes with disc brakes

I have seen a good deal on bike i want to use on a Smart trainer setup.
is it possible to use a bike like this on a trainer. If so what make and model do people recommend

First you must decide if you want a wheel-on or direct drive trainer. If wheel-on, disc brakes have no involvement, just go for it. If direct drive, read the details of the trainers you are interested, they’ll say if they have clearance for the brake caliper. Most modern direct drive trainers work fine with disc brake calipers hanging on the bike.

As for which one, that’s a religious question. Each person has their own interests and beliefs of what is best. There is so much great advice on ZwiftInsider, start with this Buyers Guide the read more of the articles, some of which are linked at the bottom of the article.

If you do use a direct drive with a disc brake bike, make sure you pick up a brake spacer from the local bike shop (LBS) to stick into the brake caliper when there is no disc there. One pull on that brake lever accidentally and you may not be so happy.

Thanks for the reply. This was great information

Whatever you decide, make sure it has a thru-axle adapter for your disc brake bike.