Anyone using A cyclocross with a direct trainer?

Hi, pretty new to Zwift and primarily planning to use it with my treadmill, however I’m thinking that one I have the setup I might as well use it for cross-training on a bike.

Have never been a massive cyclist, however I have a Trek Crossrip Comp that it makes sense (to me) to use.

Are there any issues with using a cyclocross rather than a road bike on a trainer? Does anyone know whether this bike is capable of being used with most direct trainers? (Not sure what I’d be looking at using yet, or whether it might make more sense to use a snap on, other than the fact I hate changing tyres).


A cyclocross bike works fine with Zwift.

If you get a wheel-on trainer – for which you leave the rear wheel on the bike – you’ll want to get a special trainer tire, or at least a tire with a smooth tread. It’s better not to use a knobby tire with a wheel-on trainer.

If you get a wheel-off/direct-drive trainer, you’ll need to get a cassette to mount on the trainer hub, and a simple/cheap spacer to adapt that cassette to the hub width. If your cassette on your bike now is an 8-speed for instance, you’ll just slip on a 1.85mm spacer so that your 8-speed cassette fits properly on the 11-speed hub of the trainer.