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Hi @N_SPIEGEL, welcome to the forums!

What brand and model of smart bike is it? Zwift gives this message when a certain power threshold is exceeded. How many watts are you generating when you get this message?

It is a Bodytone smb1 V2, I was generating between 5-6 w/kg but I am Cat A+ and I was also going hard trying to chase the group or after sprinting for a jersey… In other races this does not happen to me…
thanks for your fast reply btw

That looks like a spin bike, I’m not sure how they measure power or how accurate they are? Cat A+ indicates you are an exceptional athlete that can keep up with professionals. If you truly are an elite athlete then you should have real life race results to back up your Zwift numbers, or a real bike with a power meter that would confirm your numbers on Zwift. Do you have either of those?

it is a smartbike just like stages or wattbike, it has a power meter, it changes resistance according to gradient etc…
And for a condition I have I can’t ride outside since I can’t be under the sun for more than 10 minutes, that’s why I only do indoor, I have years training, avegare of 420 kms per week, resting heart rate between 40 and 45 depending on the day, and I can mantain 180+ bpm for more than an hour when going hard (I use a Garmin) I don’t know if that helps, I have been using this bike for a while now… never had a problem before … so I’m not sure

u a national champ in real life?
otherwise those numbers might be sus, hence the popup :smiley:

edit: saw post above, interesting, would be pretty cool if you managed to develop A+ numbers on your own, not completely impossible, but unlikely :smiley: ideally get a hold of a secondary power meter if you can to compare the data between the two. usually athletes of that level on Zwift have to provide external data to prove they are legit. lots of ppl with bodged trainers / dodgy data, u see…

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Sifting through the internet the available info on the Bodytone SMB1 V2 is VERY thin (esp when it comes to any specifications for a power meter - if it even has one).

It seems to be a “fancy” spin bike so def not comparable to the offerings from Stages, Tacx or Kickr - I dont say this to be mean but more to temper expectations in relation to the likely accuracy of the data it provides.

As suggested by others, I think getting a second (more dependable) source for power measurement - even if only temporarily - would be advisable to validate the outputs from the SMB1 in the first instance.

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ok, you are totally right guys, I will do that, and check the numbers, if I don’t have those numbers I don’t want to lie to myself or others, I know I have really good condition but we will see :slight_smile: … anyways, thanks for your honest opinions !!

I guess it’s also possible there’s another issue such as weight not being set correctly (therefore w/kgs are calculating too high for your given power or something).

How big are the numbers you’re seeing? If you look at your feed on in the “fitness” section details (which show your personal best power and w/kg for various time intervals) do any of those numbers seem way too high to you?

It will be helpful if you can confirm your numbers, currently you have numbers in the World record holder range.

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