Slower in supertuck with KICKR Bike vs KICKR Power

I’ve had a KICKR Power v5 for 2 years, I switched to a KICKR Bike last month. Now one thing that really stands out is the delay in getting in the supertuck position after holding the pedals still. With the KICKR power it happened in 1 or max 2 seconds (above 57 km/h and -3%). With the Wahoo Bike this after about 4 seconds… anyone else can relate?

How long does it take for your KICKR Bike to get into supertuck after stop pedaling?

Anything in the Wahoo app similar to power smoothing in the Elite app, where a higher value uses more pedal strokes to smooth out power numbers and so more delay to supertuck?

You need to touch the brakes on the Kickr Bike to get into Supertuck sooner. No idea why this is. Make sure you know which lever is programmed for braking.

Sorta like my other gripe with the Kickr Bike: Lack of linear shifting. There’s no way to program shifting without the chainring jump. Drives me nuts.

This sounds like a difference in how the two are designed in terms of ride feel and flywheel inertia. Since both of these measure power at the hub with fancy calculations instead of using a strain gauge there will always be a slight delay between the pedals stopping and the power reading zero. Since the Kickr Bike uses a newer method of doing this than the Kickr trainers, it won’t have the same delay and that’s likely where that extra time is coming from.

There is no way to program the brakes? Only to have it left or right for front brake?

See my screenrecording vimeo. com/676653107 (remove spaces, cant copy paste url together)

I’ve tried to make a demonstration. And offcourse, now it works. (1st attempt BRAKING when stop pedaling. 2nd attempt no braking, the flywheel keeps going) But often is does have the delay as described in opening topic.