Slow ingame time issue

Dear Support,

I’m running the Zwift on my Galaxy S7Edge (Exynos CPU)and i have time issue in Zwift, the ingame time is slower than the real time (i recording the workout with my Garmin head units also), apprx 30-40sec slower in 60min and the total time of thr activity is always less and my avg values are wrong. If i participate on an event, i finish a fixed 60min group workout within ~59:13, but on the ZwiftPower i am always on the last position (probably due to this anomaly) so the real racing is pointless…

I put my S7Edge into game mode with lowest resolution, but the situation is the same. And the framerates (if i ride alone) is good, but doesnt matter if FPS is low or not, this time slowing issue is exist. In ERG mode the controlling of the trainer is accurate, only the ingame time is slower and in the Zwift FIT file the laps are totally shifted

Can You tell me what is wrong?

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Hello Andras,
Welcome to the Android forums. Apologies for the delayed response.
Could you email with this information, so we can properly track the issue?
Also curious if you have ridden Zwift on any other platforms, and seen the same problem.
Thank you for your patience as we sort this out.