Slope Resistance Without Calibration

My friends, hello and good evening to you all!

I want to feel the resistance changes based on slopes in Zwift on my wheel-on smart trainer, but I do not want to calibrate the trainer each time (I will use a separate power meter to bypass the calibration)

Considering I will not calibrate the trainer each time, does anyone have any suggestions on how to still get the proper resistance without calibration?

I feel it may be as simple as doing the same 2 - 3 turns on the knob each time and making it consistant, but I also just wanted to check with you great folk to make sure that was the case!
Thank you, you legends, I appreicate your time and support very much!

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The trainer calibration will not be of concern if you use a secondary power meter. The most important part with the wheel on trainer is that the wheel does not slip.

My friend, thank you so much for your answer! I figured that may be the case, but I am so bad with these adjustments and measurements and such. Nevertheless, Iā€™m learning a lot from you great folk, and therefore getting better at these things :slight_smile:!

Thanks again, and I hope you have a fantastic day, very best regards,

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