Adjustable Power slope for Powered Trainers (+ lower noise levels from the trainer)

(Warren MacroPhotoFly) #1

I would like the ability to adjust the power slope for powered Trainers, such as Kickrs (like the way Trainer Road has a single % adjustment Or via an entry of FTP). This would allow you to increase the resistance of the trainer at a specifc pedalling speed.
This would be a major advantage in allowing the rider to reduce pedalling speed for the same amount of watts produced (resistance increases across the board for the same pedalling speed, hence higher Power required at slower speed). Rather than having to put the bike into the big ring and highest cog, you could then do your ride in the small ring and lower cogs (with a far lower noise levels from the trainer).
In game speed would not be affected as it is calculated from the Watts you produce.
Perceived increases and decreases in resistance for hills would also not be affected as the resistance increase would be across all levels

(Shawn DeBoer) #2

+1 This is exactly the reason I signed up for trainerroad. I have a Cycleops Powerbeam Pro smart trainer and Zwift does not control resistance. TR slope mode has helped tremendously.

(Tim Corso) #3

I might be wrong here but can’t you do this by controlling the Kickr with the wahoo fitness app while in Zwift - I think you can.