Since the update in Apple OS

After updating my iPad with the newest update(on 8/6), its as if i’m in ERG mode, but I’m just free riding in Simulation mode…  my power readings and cadence remain constant, the indicated speed is the only thing that changes.  I don’t feel the changes in the road when you go up or down a hill any longer.  Had all of that just prior to the update.  Now it just feel like riding an old trainer.  

I’m on a KICKR SNAP, using my iPad for Zwift app and then my iPhone for the Mobile Link.  

Another thing I’ve noticed is that the “prizes” are no longer able to be activated from the mobile link app.

Any guidance or help would be appreciated.  I’ve calibrated in the Zwift app and back to with the Wahoo app. I’ve unplugged the trainer, restarted apps, disconnected and reconnected BT connections with trainer and cadence.

Not as fun without the “road feel”

I’ve been having the same issue with OSX and Cycleops Hammer. Resistance is no longer changing with the terrain. ERG mode seems to work fine.