Simple sandbagging solution

Determine user racing categories by creating a function which returns a users highest 20 minute w/kg in the last 90 days. If someone does really well, they basically get “upgraded” to higher category in the future. The function can be run when browsing for races (at the same time gender validation is done) as well as when users enter a race (at the same time bike and equipment validation is done). There would be no need for in race checking. Even if a user hasn’t raced in a long while or is coming from their off season, they can work their way back up the racing category ladder. Zwift already has an in app lookup for “All time best 20 minute power” so that data is already there and it might not be a major coding effort.

I’m not so sure it is that easy.
What’s the definition of sandbagging and how is that different from saving energy.

In a race, I am usually below my 20 min FTP by choice.
Most races I do are 60 min.
I try to conserve as much energy as possible yet stay with the fastest group possible.
If it is a fast group, I just stay in the draft.
If I can go up front and pull without red lining, I will.
I try to have a good 15, 30, 60 sec bursts to help close gaps.

Just because I’m not pushing an Individual Time Trial effort does not mean I’m sand bagging.

That is exactly why we need a ranking system.

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Totally aggree - and it is a feasable solution 20 min is all zwift need to enforce the rules.
Its easy math…