Zwift should do a points system and it would stop the sandbagging and make racing more fun as you would have a better chance at getting in the top 10 places, why people sandbag is the jump up in cat from C to B 3.2wkg-3.9wkg is just to much of a jump to race if you just get in to cat B, so if Zwift cut group B in to B and B+ it would stop as much sandbagging, and everyone would have a better chance of getting in to the top 10. Zwift has got to remember it is just a game, but keep it fun and people will want to come back to the game it makes it more addictive if you have a slight chance of winning a race

Why not break C up it has a similar range from 2.5 to 3.2? Perhaps we need to add an A+ also?
There are many that cannot compete even in the bottom as a D rider when new.

Where would you stop? We cannot make the Cat ranges so small that everyone gets a top ten or win frequently, it is supposed to be hard… I would love to see it so that there is consistently 30+ riders in each Cat and I have no problem with 50 or even 100.

I would love to see a points system though…

I am aware of the A+ in ZP but was assuming the OP was talking within Z itself, maybe I was wrong.

Either way winning should be really hard to do.
Honestly just making additional Cats just so people can feel good about themselves bothers me for some reason.

Why not have a C and a C+,
as for A+ there is already one

With extra cat+ and a point system you would still move up the cat and it would not affect the out and out racers pleasure of racing and stop Sandbaggers

You might find that no matter how many Cat’s we have, people will still sandbag!


I was shocked at the number of sub-120 pound men did the Tour of Innsbruck this weekend. :man_facepalming:


Beta crit race
I am a low end cat B racer with an FTP of about 235w or 3.4w/kg. In this race I was holding my position at about 35th place in a group of about 10 to 15 riders. We went past a couple of riders who were crawling along with the green cone. With about 1 to 2 laps to go I got the cone. This was the highest complement I have ever been paid in Zwift (Cat B is too slow for me haha). My average power was 237w or 3.4w/kg and my max power was 362w. The strange thing was that I seemed to be travelling faster after I got the cone, without increasing my power and was certainly not plodding along. Possibly the program decided I needed a little assistance.

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Why not just force people who avg WAY above the top watts for that class into the next class to stop them from registering in lower events. Similar to how ZwiftPowers rating system works to determine where you should be?

A race today, why are the top 4 even in a C class event, they should all be in a B class or higher…

The issue is these people want to claim they came in first place and look good, vs having to work harder in a higher class race to and only get a mid finish or towards the end…or they do not know how to read?

I firmly believe that you only get better by playing those better than you (from my basketball days) But in this case it would be like putting Micheal Jordan against a high school team…

My position to compare:

So now 4 potentially top riders are now 5th place and on…

EDIT: I removed the rider names.


Another race today, top 5 in C class were doing 4+w/kg average…

Found this Zwiftcast from April that talked about the new sand bagging system, so when will it be in 100% effect?

Zwift will have to be happy with it first. Which might never happen.

Has anyone ever commented on the activities of the sandbaggers? Might be interesting.

Yup! I’ve called out quite a few, usually dont get a response. I’m surprised there isn’t a Facebook or Twitter account that is dedicated to outing the sandbaggers, or maybe there is and I just dont know about it.

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There is. :wink:

Regarding getting a response, you might have done. Someone gets a notification when you comment on their activity but I don’t believe you get one for any reply they may make. To have an actual conversation you need to repeatedly comment on each others’ activities, which is daft.

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I did comment to one person on my run yesterday who ended up doing 4.51w/kg avg in a 3R Innsbruckring flat race and his response was: (From Argentina so perhaps this is a confusion issue on the classes)

“…the C is already comfortable for me…the watts are irrelevant because i do not have a potentiometer . I have to go to the B, the A is alot my avg route is 40kes between 30-40km avg”

I also messaged the 2nd place person but no response.and checking their activities they join C classes often and in one even were doing 4.63w/kg average…


Sounds like the first guy is saying he chose the lower distance race, were they different distances depending on category?

Doesn’t understand how his choices affect people/race.

Not this race,. same distance for everyone, and the classes separating out the w/kg. I read his reply that he does not have a power meter, so he just likes to go 30-40km/hr on his bike…

By them saying the watts are irrelevant makes me lean towards they do not understand how Zwift works or their power as you noted, and its effect on other people.

Its the same with running - category D race are always won by people running at ridiculous paces who you see at the start line and never again.

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I participated in the future works boost mode test race last night. The first and second place “winners” were both not using a power meter or smart trainer. I commented on one of their activities in the companion app and she thinks she has a bad setup. She averaged 5.35 w/kg in the cat C race. I asked if she was a pro, she isn’t! At least she realized that she needs a better power source.


Ya, it is annoying. ZwiftPower i recall noted that some races Zwift runs are not set upto DQ people who go over, not sure why Zwift would not do that.I know that would only be specific to ZwiftPowers site, but Zwift really needs to do something about this and have it implemented for ALL events that have separate classes.

Agree. I have a lot of endurance and no power over 5 mins or less. Been riding racing 36 years. Specific training not changed it much.
Just got bumped to B. Man I can’t even handle C grade 5 min power. A few more grades for some races would be good. Especially less than an hour races.