Zwift should do a points system and it would stop the sandbagging and make racing more fun as you would have a better chance at getting in the top 10 places, why people sandbag is the jump up in cat from C to B 3.2wkg-3.9wkg is just to much of a jump to race if you just get in to cat B, so if Zwift cut group B in to B and B+ it would stop as much sandbagging, and everyone would have a better chance of getting in to the top 10. Zwift has got to remember it is just a game, but keep it fun and people will want to come back to the game it makes it more addictive if you have a slight chance of winning a race

Why not break C up it has a similar range from 2.5 to 3.2? Perhaps we need to add an A+ also?
There are many that cannot compete even in the bottom as a D rider when new.

Where would you stop? We cannot make the Cat ranges so small that everyone gets a top ten or win frequently, it is supposed to be hard… I would love to see it so that there is consistently 30+ riders in each Cat and I have no problem with 50 or even 100.

I would love to see a points system though…

Ahem. There is an A+ category. :blush:

(for ZP results, anyway)

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I am aware of the A+ in ZP but was assuming the OP was talking within Z itself, maybe I was wrong.

Either way winning should be really hard to do.
Honestly just making additional Cats just so people can feel good about themselves bothers me for some reason.

Fair enough.

I believe most people who pay for an entertainment service expect to feel good about themselves afterwards. That can be at extreme odds with athletes who see competition itself as the means to an end. :man_shrugging:

Why not have a C and a C+,
as for A+ there is already one

With extra cat+ and a point system you would still move up the cat and it would not affect the out and out racers pleasure of racing and stop Sandbaggers

You might find that no matter how many Cat’s we have, people will still sandbag!


I was shocked at the number of sub-120 pound men did the Tour of Innsbruck this weekend. :man_facepalming: