Silent "Special Guest" Event Rides

Yo Zwift,

These events really suck when hosted by a “silent” special guest.

Like I really don’t see the point if it’s just to have them say “Hi” at the start line then ignore any questions asked throughout the ride (even when ur riding right next to them).

Do they even get sent any advice before the ride? Like “Hey you should probably download the companion app on your phone before your ride and keep it to hand so you can reply to some questions, otherwise people are gonna be pissed”

Cos it’s a complete waste of time if they just rock up and say nothing imo, especially if it’s advertised as a Q&A ride.

Thanks for the feedback - we’ll pass it along to the right team.

Keep in mind that many special guests are themselves new to Zwift, who might be willing to chat, but don’t know how. Can we cut a little slack to all the newbies in our community, including the ones who happen to be celebrities?


B. Wiggins ride the other day was a classic example. Thousands of riders showed up. Q&A was entirely hosted on Instagram Live (which needs an Instagram account to view).

I read the description b4 the event so I knew, but lots of other riders didn’t, and turned out to be pretty p’d off when they found out that there wasn’t going to be any Q&A directly in Zwift during the ride!

All we had instead was the Le Col site lead spamming us about the new kit :stuck_out_tongue: which people got a bit fed up with.

So in these kind of events, I think it would be much better if Youtube or Twitch etc. was used - a free site that anyone can access to view content without having to create an account on a platfom they don’t use just to interact with the guest rider!