Show women's leaderboard to all

I just learned that the results (leaderboard) for women’s sprint and QOM times and rankings only gets displayed to women riders. In group rides, this means that the leader (if male) has to ask via chat who is leading on the women’s side. This is awkward. And to be honest, it feels generally lame that women’s results aren’t posted to all just as a matter of course and parity.

Currently gender-specific leaderboards are only visible to riders of that gender. So, for example, during a mixed group ride that includes a friendly competition at sprint segments, male riders can’t see the female leaderboards and female riders can’t see the male leaderboards. The overall leader board is visible to everyone but it’s hard to figure out gender based on user names.

This makes it hard for ride leaders who wants to give a call out to the “winner” from each gender.

Usually (although arguably not always) the male riders beat the female riders. Having gender-specific leaderboards visible to all participants would be a small step forward towards equalizing the playing field.

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I suggested something similar to this over a year ago in this forum and unfortunately it never gained any traction.

Perhaps we gain merge these requests? In any case hope this is something that happens in the near future.


Has been raised a few times. As a ride leader who often encourages all riders to go full gas on the final sprint and/or climb, i would like to congratulate both KOM and QOM equally. That’s not always possible at the moment, esp with the jersey icon not reliably being shown at present.

Has been raised in the Event Leaders section of the forum too.

We know there are currently issues with the leaderboard and jersey awards. Would be nice if there were the option to show KOM/QOM/Merged added as part of the fix.

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shameless promotion of a feature request to extend this for better re-useability and future prooofing.

Also bumping this up. As a ride leader on the CyclingTips ride this feature would make our efforts to promote excellence in Womens riding a lot easier and work towards a goal of making our rides inclusive and diverse for everyone.



As the presenting sponsor of the first ever Tour de France Femmes, I truly hope that Zwift will show its committment to parity in sports and the promotion of women’s cycling achievements within its own domain.


It’s a prudent point, no doubt. Thanks for raising it! I’ll do my utmost to make sure this get acknowledged with the right folks.

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