Show Ride On count during rides

It would be great to see how many Ride Ons I have received during a ride, without doing a “Fake Exit”.
Maybe only show after a certain threshold e.g. 5 Ride Ons.
Particularly useful if you’re chasing the “Bigger Than Jensie!” badge :slight_smile:
Feels like it should be very easy to add and without taking up much screen real estate.

5 years on Zwift and I still don’t have that badge :sob:


None of os do! Cause Jensie is the greatest!


Who is Jensie and what do you need to get the badge

I have no idea if Zwift will do this (probably not) but the Jensie badge is not hard to get

Start by collecting a bunch of followers. Follow everyone who gives you a ride on, if they have a public profile and they follow the same or greater number of people that follow them. Do the same social rides regularly and collect followers from the other regulars (same criteria as above). Follow back anyone who follows you. Smash the ride on button in pace partner groups. Once you have a few hundred followers, that will start to contribute a lot to the number of ride ons you get in the game. Then do some huge events and give ride ons until your finger turns blue. At the end of the event if you haven’t got the Jensie badge, just keep riding and giving ride ons until it shows up. (And yeah sorry/notsorry this will annoy the ride on haters.)

The one thing that I find super annoying is getting into a big event ride and finding someone who is vocallly and repeatedly begging for ride ons to get the badge. (IOW be annoying but not THAT annoying, gotta draw the line somewhere)

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@Martin_Reading it’s the legend, Jens Voight. I think he did some group rides on Zwift a while back and no doubt he scored a bunch of Ride Ons. Hence this achievement badge - you can see the full list of badges on ZwiftInsider if you’re not familiar with them. The forum won’t let me post the link :man_shrugging:

@Paul_Southworth I’m not hell-bent on getting the badge, but I have thought about these tactics you mention! And yes, Ride On beggars are a bane of Zwift. As are the “Moo-ers”, “Riding Zone 2”, “I am riding 300km today”, etc. Sorry, not sorry :slight_smile:

@Adrian must admit never heard of him, but then I’m not really into the professional scene, just enjoy getting out on the bike and enjoying the countryside with a couple of months on Zwift when the weather is rubbish

When I was trying to get the 100 ride-ons badge I wanted to see the count up all the time, but since then it’s not something I care a ton about any longer.

Not a lot of people follow me, so I think the way I got the 100 ride-ons badge was doing a very long pace partner ride with Coco, and every once in a while hitting the ride-on bomb button - over the course of a really long ride enough people jump in and drop out of the pace partner ride that the ride-ons eventually added up.

I don’t accept followers that I don’t know so you don’t have to play the followers game. I was able to get the “Bigger Than Jensie!” badge on a long pacer group ride shortly after Christmas. Pretty certain I managed it on a “Pacer Group Ride: Volcano Circuit in Watopia” in which I also knocked out the On Fire!: “Complete 25 laps of the Volcano Circuit” (which can also knock off badges for 5 laps, 10 laps as well as 100 Clicks: “Ride 100km” if you have yet to do that.)

I was diligent about giving lots of Ride On bombs in a large pacer group until I had received the Jensie badge. If memory serves, it was a busy day, with 300-400 in the group on and off. I ended up with 115km in about 3h30m. If it wasn’t that ride, it was a Makuri Island Pacer group ride in which I also did 100km in about 3 hours a few days earlier, similarly a few hundred riders.

Also, Sauce for Zwift will give you the Ride Ons count.

Your ride-on count is visible in the companion app under activities. I agree that it should be easier to find in the game, but that’s the solution for now.

For getting 100 ride-one and the badge, pace partners and teleporting are your friends. Ride with one then teleport to another once the ride-ons slow down, usually about 15 minutes. I did it recently and got the badge in just over an hour.

He’s a bit of a legend - getting the hour record when he was nearly my age! :slight_smile:

I got this badge by doing 100-120km pace partner rides back in the old days when it was more social. Nowadays people shout at anyone who dares to utter a word.

I give out ride ons only to those I know or those who give them to me, or people I can see are putting out a big effort.

Giving out ride ons to people without companion app isn’t much use as they probably can’t easily give them back.

The story of him riding that teenager’s bike in the TdF stage is hilarious. Definitely a character.

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On a day London is a world ( so there are lots of other riders), change your username to include “PRL Full”, and ride around Box Hill.