Bigger than Jensie - retroactive?

So my chances of getting the 30 ride-on’s achievement are slim, nevermind 100 ride-on’s. My question is this - if I did something crazy like Everesting or ran a marathon on Zwift (both things I’d like to do some day because I’m a completionist in games), and people gave me ride-on’s for that activity after I had already ended the ride and closed Zwift, would those after-the-fact ride-on’s count towards the achievements? Or do they have to be recieved while you’re still riding?

Otherwise just any tips on getting ride-on’s? Besides taking 5-10 years to build up a youtube following like GPLama? Lol

It seems like races might be a good way since people can easily give ride-on’s at the end? I always take time to give one to everyone. Group rides don’t seem to give many for me - there’s just too many people so it’s nearly impossible to give the person you want a ride-on. I also really wish there were hotkeys for giving ride-on’s, or that you could do it without having to go to the other side of the screen to go “back to me” every time which is annoying and prevents me from wanting to do it sometimes.

The Ride On’s only count toward achievements while you are doing the ride. 


Difficult one Michael - I find getting ‘Ride On’ credits can’t be boiled down to anything in particular unless, as you say, you have a presence or following.

I find the races attract Ride On credits 

Gaining PR’s and jersey’s get 'em

Riding a 100k or more seems to work.

If you’re gonna do something special it’s a good idea to change your name to something that conveys your challenge.

I think you have point in the function of giving Ride On’s - it does need to be a little easier to give credits while riding, returning credits and so on.

One thing for sure you’re gonna have to do and that’s…

Ride On!  :slight_smile:

Paul Allen - are you certain?  Part of why I was asking is because I could’ve sworn that my first ride-on achievement of getting 10 was given to me when I got on the next time, because overnight it had gone from 8 to 10 ride-on’s.  I just looked back through my activities and it does indeed have exactly 10 ride-on’s which makes me suspect that memory was correct, but then it was a while ago and I wasn’t trying to note it in particular, so I’m not certain myself.

Paul Graham - thanks for the advice.  Do Fondo’s do the same thing as races?  They seem to attract a lot of people, perhaps they would be a good way to start the ultimate ride-on ride?  I have noticed that longer rides help, but then I also deliberately used my longer rides to try to give them to everyone I could in order to get more back.  The most I ever got was on my 100 mile ride while trying to get that achievement.  Not sure how many I got during the ride, but it has 18 now.

I also just found this:

It allows switching to the next or previous rider with “N” or “B” and giving a ride-on with “R.”  You can then return to yourself with “Backspace.”  It’s a bit slow though, and aims for the top of the ride-on button so for me it only works on my laptop’s resolution if I also used it’s hotkey “CTRL+B” to get rid of the border while it’s maximized.  I also kinda wish that rather than requiring a separate button (one far away from the arrow keys and therefore main hand-placement/controls), and then requiring another separate button to return to yourself, it had buttons to just automatically go to the next/previous rider, give them a ride-on, then return to yourself all by itself.  Like with “SHIFT + Up Arrow” or “SHIFT + Down Arrow” which are all super close on my keyboard’s layout.  Maybe I’ll try recording my own macros for that or something, and seeing if it can’t be sped up.  For the next couple days I’ll just try it as-is though.

To get just give (I got 47)

Mr. Alpaca - when/where did you do this?  Idk if when I joined it became harder because it’s too crowded, or if I need to go to places where people are able to/more likely to give them back?  Did you ride for hours and hours?

I’ve had rides where I gave over 100 to get back about 10 - even when only giving to people who I was riding a similar speed who weren’t in a workout (to ensure they could give back if they wanted).  It seems like the rate of getting them back, even under pretty good circumstances (only giving to people likely to be in your draft pack for at least a little bit, who are not in workouts) is less than 1/10.

Then again I primarily ride the Volcano Flat, especially when just going on a long endurance ride.  Perhaps it’s better on harder routes.  I would think it would be worse because people would be too busy just trying to keep up with say, radio tower.  And of course there’s less people.  But it seems like people actually give back more there - I guess there’s a lot more camaraderie there.  And it’s a lot easier to pick the correct person out of the names on the side.

Also does it have to be 1 activity in the activity list, or can it be one session?  When I recently did a race, my ride-on’s from before got separated to the activity that got separated when I got teleported to the piers, but graphically it looked like I still had all my ride-on’s.  If it’s one session, then doing a lot of races in one day would be a pretty valid way to try for it.  Otherwise you’d want to pick one really good race I guess.


What type of trainer/power meter are you using or are you using zPower? I ask because if you are using zPower that could be the reason you are not getting many Ride On’s.

I did this on a 40km ride. It was actually 38 ride ons. I did this a few months back when they had in mobile link you can tap your triangle and it gives one to everyone in a 1km radius I think. A lot of it was in a group workout with 15 people. This gave me about 13 ride ons and then i gave a lot.

You can try doing a group workout for around 3 laps 1 1/2 - 2 hours. Then try slowly getting to jungle?

Paul Allen - a KICKR 3 (2017)

Mr. Alpaca - only 40km?  I gave as many ride-on’s as I possibly could on my 100k and 100 mile rides, and only got 10 and 18 respectively.

Wonder why they got rid of the ability to easily give others ride-on’s?  I guess they didn’t want it to get spammy, but that completely changes the difficulty of getting those achievements.  Also giving lots of ride-on’s without getting them back (giving over a hundred out to get a handful back) gives the game a bit more of a “surrounded by people but more alone than ever” kinda feel.

Or was it an event thing?  Like is there a time-of-year they do stuff like that where it’s best to aim for those achievements?

Or do they still have that ability?  The mobile link is always glitchy as hell for me, and often leaves game-mode while I’m in the middle of a session to come back at it’s own whims - regardless of closing the app and restarting it, restarting the phone, leaving the app alone, etc.  Sometimes it comes back in 5 minutes, sometimes it won’t come back after hours.  So I never use it.

Is this what you were referring to Mr. Alpaca?–How-to-give-multiple-Ride-Ons-at-once

That’s only 5, so not “everyone,” but that’d be a big improvement.  Hopefully the mobile link app will cooperate for me though - it hasn’t cooperated well at all yet.

Yes - i’ve noticed but then it seemed to not have that limit. I gave maybe 10 a ta time.

I’ve seen in a few group rides a time where the leader says to give them - this is not for all though. Group rides/workouts help. Probably not races unless you win.

Ride on = “Atta boy”.

Why is this so important to you? Achievements, badges, or whatever they are called don’t really do anything. 600 watts! Wow, a stretched, worn out chain…

If you are looking for points, complete ERG workouts. They can pay off 10x times the normal point payouts. You advance, earn goodies and get in shape.

Screw the game stuff and put efforts into creating more maps.

@Cary Sporinsky KISS ©

1: Crikey! - Have you tried a program called Zwift - it’s really good.

2: “complete ERG workouts” = “Atta boy” 

3: Chains do not ‘stretch’.

4: Define “get in shape”.

5: Screw the ‘game stuff’ by putting in more ‘game stuff’?

Zwift 101 End-of-Term Report for Cary:

Tries hard but needs to work on the logic and details.  :slight_smile: