Bigger Than Jensie Badge Missing?

Has this been removed in the past few days? I received 100 Ride Ons for a single ride (some during, some after), and I’m excited to claim that badge but it’s missing from my Zwift badge interface screen. I’ve checked for software updates, but it’s not listed on the Badge page anymore (in the Extra Credit section).

Did you see it in your badge list previously? FWIW, the 100 Ride Ons have to be DURING a ride. 99 during and 1 after and you don’t actually get the badge.

I’ve seen the dimmed badge previously, yes.
But now it’s gone. And now I know that I didn’t truly earn it b/c I received about 60 thumbs during the ride and then 50 afterwards.
Thanks for the info!
I’ll just keep ridin on…

Follow up for /u/Nigel_Tufnel :

I’ve been following tons of users during the Neokyo events and spamming the Ride On button during my rides. As a result, I actually achieved 103 Ride Ons DURING tonight’s ride. The banner displayed on screen indicating I had earned the Jensie badge (couldn’t screen cap it in time in the companion app due to my workout segment), but it shows up now in the menu of my badges.

So yeah, you were right. It will show up for 100 DURING a ride.