Get rid of the Jensie badge already!

I’m one of the riders who prefers, almost exclusively rides with groups.

In nearly every group there are people who are constantly soliciting for ride-ons so they can get their Jensie. This is not in the spirit of cycling, not in the spirit of Zwift.

The worst is that in today’s ALS group ride with Andre, there were countless people who clearly joined the ride (which I think was the largest ever?) just to solicit for ride-ons. This is tacky and unacceptable.

Please consider simply removing the badge, or, even better, award it to people who GIVE 100 ride-ons rather than receive.

I’m a newbie to Zwift (level 9) and don’t get many ride ons per activity. Yet I have recieved over 100. As this badge is so easy to get, maybe those you are talking about have other motives.
More likely is that I’ve totally misunderstood.
This does bring to mind a question of my own. Although I like to receive ride ons, I don’t understand their purpose. Is it just to encourage support, or are there in game rewards (other than the badge)?

@Jonathan_Howe they are two-fold. 1) they do provide moral support while riding, for instance they were extremely helpful for me during my grueling trip up the Alpe du Zwift today. 2) They increase your drop rate for 15 seconds

@Tony_AG many people enjoy the social aspect of Zwift and receiving the moral support from the community. Also many enjoy collecting all the badges that are available. If it isn’t your thing just ignore it, or turn off group chat so you don’t see it.


Thanks for your reply. My curiosity is now satisfied.

@Tony_AG I was on the ALS ride and asked people for ride ons because I committed to donate $5 for every one I received. Which I did. Others were doing the same.

How is this not in the spirit of the ride?


Nice one Ben, to both you and the others. :+1:

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I suppose it’s just a question that can’t be answered here. If you have to actively and persistently pester people for ride ons then what does their support really mean?

My family was directly impacted by ALS, I also contributed to the fund, I just didn’t feel it necessary to limit my contribution based on how many people clicked an icon on their phone.

The ALS ride was maybe just an unfortunate choice to mention by the op. I’m sure nothing was meant by it, and great stuff for the guys donating per ride on, that’s a great thing to do for a great cause so thanks for making the effort!

On a normal ride though, like TDZ stage 2 or something, there’s always some bozo talking about “if I get 100 ride one my girlfriend will make me dinner”

It’s annoying to see people beg for ride ons in normal rides when there is no charitable benefit.

Do races instead - nobody has the time to write such messages at that level of effort.


I can understand why some are irritated by the “Ride On” requests during group rides. BUT for those get worked up over this please just relax and let it go. There are lots of different reasons why people ride on Zwift and lots of different ways people are motivated. Lighten up - live and let live. And let people enjoy Zwift in their own way. Even if it is different than your way. :wink:


I support the ALS group and ride, even before this ride on Zwift. I received 135 ride ons without asking. It’s just one of the things that made that ride special. Andre and Eric made the event very social and encouraged giving ride-ons. I wish Taylor Phinney would have been there too. I don’t see asking for ride-ons as something that needs to change. I especially try to support children, para athletes and over weight Zwifters. The encouragement from a ride-on can mean a lot more to some than others. It is a sincere form of support.
Keep the Jensie badge. Maybe add a "Super Jensie"badge.