Ride on badge

When it says give 30 or 100 ride ons to get the badge, does that mean press the ride on button 30 or 100 times during a ride or is there more to it?


Up to 5 Ride Ons per button push but the riders have to be nearby to receive. If you push and no one around, none given. Also, one per person…you cannot give the same rider 30 Ride Ons.

30 or 100 ride ons received in a single ride gets the badge(s)…I think.

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Hi, for this badge you need to RECEIVE 30 or 100 ride ons. Some group rides help with this, if you are chasing the badge they will encourage the people in the group ride to give you a ride on so you can get the badge.

Riding with the pace partners is a good way to get these badges, and give out about 20x more ride ons so hopefully others will reciprocate.

So why is it when you hover the mouse over the ride on space in the badges section of Zwift, it says “give 30 ride ons” and “give 100 ride ons”, not “receive”?
So how close do you have to be to another rider to be able to give a ride on and do you have to wait after giving a ride on before you can give another one.
(I tried to give 30 ride ons on a ride today and pressed the ride on button about 40 times over an hour or so but still didn’t get the badge)

The Ride On (3), Big Fan (30) and Fan Club (100) badges are for ride ons you have given and don’t have to be given in one ride. Are you sure you don’t already have these badges?

The You’re Popular (10), You’re Famous (30) and Bigger Than Jensie (100) badges are for ride ons received in a single ride.

I have the ride on (3) badge but not the big fan (30) or fan club (100) badgers. I’ve been Zwifting since April 2020 and I must have given (or tried to give) at least 30 ride ons but I have no idea if these are successful or not as I don’t know how to tell.

If you’re using the Zwift Companion app while you ride you can tap the white circle in the middle of the map to give up to five ride ons and you’ll see thumb icons for each one given, depending on the number of riders around you and how many of them have not already received ride ons from you. You’ll then have to wait until the circle fills again before you can tap it again and give up to five more.

Thanks. I’ll try that next time.