Should traiiner plans should have more instruction?

(Jason Polachak) #1

Here is my issue. I started the FTP Builder 6 week beginner program. I am not a complete newbie but I am still fairly new to competitive cycling. My issue is that I don’t think there is enough information either on screen or in the actual workout mode description when you choose the workout/ride.


I will give you an example. So first the warm up says 100 watts for like the first 4 minutes. Am I supposed to do 100 watts at 70rpm or 90 rpm or 100+ rpm? I see when you are in the harder efforts of the ride it says 90-100 cadence for whatever the wattage is. Then sometimes it even says what the cadence should be for the recovery interval.


I would like it if there was a bit more information on the screen describing what it is you are trying to accomplish at that moment in the workout. Heck I would even be happy if it said somewhere when you were selecting the workout what the description of what should happen during the ride.I think that all of the plans when you decide to pick a workout are lacking in explanation in terms of goals to be met. I think I just feel that if I am to follow a plan I shouldn’t be wondering the whole ride if I am doing it properly. The point of following a plan is to produce the intended results while following instructions from another entity. I just feel there is a pretty big information gap missing as a rider.


Am I the only one with this issue?

Thank You!

(Pete GameCock WBR (D)) #2

I agree but with one caveat. The plans are FREE. I personally think the 12 week FTP plan is good and should give measurable results but I would love a little extra “coach input” I honestly don’t think cadence makes a big difference as long as you hit the target power goals.

(Anton Samrai) #3

I agree - a few paragraphs describing a plan and maybe a few sentences outlining goals of each workout would be helpful.

(Jim Hathaway) #4

Since the plans are part of the pitch for the subscription they are not really free. If you don’t pay you do not them beyond the trial period. I completely agree with the initial request. I think the cadence recommendations are close to essential. I would also like to see some drills and directions (for example pedalling drills to ensure full rotation). 

(Jason Polachak) #5

I probably should have originally had this in my initial request but how about a web page somewhere where I can read the description of the training plans provided. Like right now I want to try to read up on upcoming workouts or just see what they are. Does anyone know where this may be located? Is this available now?

(Pete GameCock WBR (D)) #6

I’m not sure officially but this may help.