Training Plans-Need Guidance (and 1 suggestion)

In week 3 of FTP Builder training plan. A couple comments:

  1. Some sections of a day’s plan provide guidance on the level of effort (spin at 90-100 rpm, etc), while others do not. In the Strength workout, how should one approach the 10 min segments at 100w? Take a nap or just free spin?

  2. My FTP is 180, (measured) and these workouts seem too easy-I hardly break a sweat on any of them even when I increase the workout setting to 105%. Am I doing something wrong? Wasting my time?

  3. To much time spent in warmup and cool down on these workouts, sometimes 20 min total. Would be nice to make these optional, especially considering I spend 10 min warming up for my pre-workout spin down.


Yes, you waste your time due to a to low FTP. Do a propper FTP Test in Zwift and then restart the programm.

If there is no cadance guide feel free to do it at your prefered cadance. Good cadance is said to be between 80 and 90.

Warmup and cooldown are important so I would not skip it. Why do you a calibration advanced to doing a workout? Is it real needed? I do a spindown ever now and then with my Kickr.

Thanks for your comments, Mathias. Yes, I did a proper FTP test, so that 180 is real (so I’m NOT an FTP god, after all?). I suspect that you are correct-this FTP is too low for a reasonable workout- so I’m inclined to continue to adjust the percentage value up until I break a good sweat. I’m always cautious about customizing a “professional” training plan, but I need a workout, too.

I also am not sure that a daily Kickr spindown is necessary, but it is recommended and always seems to come up as a possible solution on these boards to address what I’m experiencing here. I’d love to see the data on this, though. But if you can do it as a warmup, then why not?

It depends on what you define as “too easy”. I remember when doing the FTP builder a couple of years ago it had a lot of “easy” rides in there with mostly gray and blue zone training. These workouts SHOULD feel easy and you shouldn’t feel fatigue after finishing these.

If you find the workouts too easy I would suggest trying this one for example:

Those 2 yellow blocks should really hurt, you should be able to complete them but… barely. If it does hurt like expected then carry on as you are. If this workout is still “too easy”, then retest your FTP cause you did something wrong.

If your FTP turns out to be wrong I suggest doing a Ramp test to determine your FTP and then test the accuracy of that new FTP with a normal FTP test. A Ramp test, in my opinion, is better at giving you an accurate FTP considering you ride to exhaustion which is “easy”. A 20m FTP test like the one on Zwift has to be paced perfectly (meaning exactly the same power in the first second as during the last second of your 20 minutes AND your legs being completely empty after 20 minutes) or your FTP will be wrong.

Thanks, great info. I had the same thought about dropping the training program in favor of individual workouts and intervals, but I’ll stay the course for a bit. Planning to retake the FTP test this weekend, but I like the suggestion of a ramp test, if for no other reason than to provide a reality check on the Zwift FTP test.

I wouldn’t drop the program per sé. The programs are usually made up as a mix between easier and thougher workouts in order to boost both your baseline endurance and your FTP.

Either way doing another test isn’t a bad idea. I can suggest this test to do a double check on your FTP. This is the Ramp test I spoke about:

It’s easy enough: import the workout to Zwift (explanations on the site), set FTP to 100W and complete the test. Then follow the instructions in the video you can find in the link.

Perfect-same one I downloaded after I read your first reply. Thanks!