More information for workouts

Could we please have a bit more information on workouts, workout plans, and training plans?

I should state for the record that I’ve never been part of a cycling team, never raced, never had any coaching or formal training in cycling. Noob, I believe is the applicable term.

I’m currently doing the “4wk FTP Booster” workout plan. At various points the “coach” asks questions such as: “What was your finishing heart rate?” or “How does your heart rate compare to the first set?”. While I can answer these questions, I have no idea what that means. What is my finishing heart rate supposed to be? 60% max HR? 90%? How should my heart rate after the second set compare to the first? And if it isn’t where it’s supposed to be, what should I do about it?

More generally, how should I approach the plan overall? I took an FTP test before starting, but should I adjust it throughout the plan, or does the plan take improvement through the 4 week course into consideration?

More information within the workouts would be great. A document explaining how to use the plan and what we should be shooting for overall and within each workout would be welcome. As would be answering a bunch more relevant questions that I don’t even know to ask…

Thank you.