Am I getting better/stronger?

I always ride a workout fromn one of your programms. For instance now I do the 4 week FTP builder which is more fun to do than just plain riding without a goal.

But I get these strange question like: “Compare to 1st effort” or " How does your HR compare to the 1st" Many times I do not know the answer or if I know it I do not know what to do with that info.

Since you have all my data you should advise me what to do better or tell me about my progress.

In other words I want to know if I make any improvement…

Can you adjust your sofware and have a seperate section with this info?

The messages that pop up during workouts are prerecorded stock messages independent of your performance. Don’t focus too much on them. They’re intended to provide some motivation and food for thought.

Regarding whether you are getting stronger, it is very likely that you are. If you took an ftp test before starting the training plan, take another after finishing it and compare the numbers.

Thx Aaron for your reply.

I understand that is is very likely that I become stronger but why not tell me what is going on. That would really motivate me!! Come on your last run was 2 seconds quicker now lets see what you can!! for example…

That would make me more satisfied, dont you think?