FTP Test, perhaps I didn’t improve.. 😝

(Louise Slater) #1

I’ve just done the short FTP test for the first time, and at the end there was no indication of the result. I’ve looked on the forums & you can check the FTP level in the workouts… but it’s unchanged from the estimated value… (& in line with the 20 min time on the ride critical power curve)… So perhaps thr answer is that I’ve just not improved much over the last couple of months… :scream:… Ah well, onwards & upwards! Lou

(Louise Slater) #2

Perhaps I should add I was doing the test version in the PRL100 2018 training week 1 training plan. This diliesnt look quite the same as the standard version… so not sure how the results look… anyone else done this one? Thanks all, L

(Joe Daknis) #3

The FTP tests built into the workout programs don’t seem to be actual ‘tests’. Several people have complained about it in this forum (not just from the PRL training, but also the 4 week FTP builder etc.). It’s as if they’re just ‘practice’ for the FTP test, lol.  

Only the two in the ‘FTP Test’ section of the workout menu are guaranteed to spit out a result at the end & update your FTP automatically (regardless of whether you improve or come up short).

(Louise Slater) #4

Thanks Joe, this is really helpful. Perhaps I’ll get my head around trying again in the formal FTP test workout in a couple of days. L