Shift or not during workout

Hi all,

I can’t figure out how to do the workouts on zwift, it seems I can’t get it right.

When ok to shift and when not??


Hi @Johnny_Klessens

What trainer do you use. Let’s start there.

Hi Gerrie,

I use the Tacx Flux smart 2.

So with a smart trainer you can use ERG mode, then you don’t have to shift. You can shift if there is not enough resistance but it should not happen often.

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To keep it short, no do not shift.

I use a Flux… The best thing to do is use the small (or middle on a triple) chain ring and a middle sprocket in the cassette, probably a 17 tooth). This keeps the chain line nice and straight (minimal wear).

There may be limited instances that require you to shift to the larger sprockets (easier gears) but usually only if your lowest power requirements are below the power floor. The power floor is the lowest power that the trainer can provide resistance for. My wife used to experience this when recovering from injury and the workout asked for below 70w output.


The only other time you may want to shift manually in a workout is when there are very high power anaerobic efforts and the workout does a quantum jump from a low or medium power to the very high power, In that case the resistance can increase so much in such a short time that you can barely turn the pedals over. In this case you can disengage ERG mode shortly before the interval starts and then use gears in SIM mode (it would be better if Zwift allowed you to change to Level mode like many other workout specific platforms do, for such efforts, but that’s probably a separate feature request).

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Thanks :pray::+1:t2: