Shadow line appears across the road | Intel graphics [February 2024] [SOLVED]

“ update available !!“. Rushes to computer and downloads, ummmm, not for us I guess🙄


Done paying for this crappy program. I canceled my subscription.

I hear you Leah. Zwift don’t seem interested in solving this problem. Rouvy is working well for me during the free trial. I will probs. sign up .

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Had a quick look if 1.60 changed this at all. Seems not:

Waiting for an update….in progress —- > gone Rouvying — I check back in 2 months !

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I gave it one more try today after the latest update. It’s still there… like a giant migraine.

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Looks worst…what bugs me is at the beginning of the thread we got a reply from zwift hq…now nothing…

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My guess is that it’s not a high priority if it’s not affecting everyone, but only MacBook users.

They may not have any update to share, if they haven’t diagnosed the cause yet. This hasn’t been an active bug for very long. And it affected AMD users for years.

Same issue here and it has been like this for over a month now …

Not only is the yellow square there in the road, but now the riders are glowing. What the heck is going on?

That’s the rider highlight feature. Disable in settings if you don’t like it.

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Good to know it’s not another glitch.

Hi all, thank you for reporting this issue with the yellow line/square appearing in Zwift - it appears to be primarily affecting macOS devices from 2015 and earlier (I was able to reproduce it on my 2014 MacBook Pro). We’re currently investigating the issue but don’t have a timeline to share just yet - we’ll post back when we do. Thank you for your patience in the meantime.


Hi folks, another quick update on this:

The team has made some good progress on this - it looks like a change that Apple made to their Metal Shading Language caused this issue on older macOS Intel devices.

We have a fix for this coming out in the next game release, 1.62, which will start rolling out in early April.


I had 6 months away from Zwift so not sure if this is something new or a problem with my install. See the line across my path in the pic. It is there most of the time at varying distance and sometimes goes down the left side too.

Can anyone advise what it is please and if part of Zwift how can I turn it off - very annoying.

I’ve observed a few wonky things, but I’ve not observed this.

What do you run the game on?

Mac with integrated graphics?

PC with AMD graphics?

Hi @ObiOne

Shuji at Zwift HQ. I noticed you’re on macOS, so I moved your post to a thread already in progress. As noted on the post above yours - this issue on macOS will be fixed in the next game release.

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Thanks to whomever pushed me into this thread. I’m also running in an old MacBook Air which previously worked fine. Hope update in April fixes the problem.

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