Sexist and degrading comments on pace ride

I rode with the C pace ride and was upset to read the derogatory comments posted that referred to buying new ceramic jockey wheels or spend the money on coke and strippers. This encouraged other riders with their opinions like
I know what I would chose but don’t tell the misses
Zwift should not be a platform to be used to encourage ladies to take off their clothes for male pleasure. Young men are also reading those comments which I believe is a bad attitude and I am surprised that Zwift did not sensor that conversation. As riders it is up to us to police these comments.

i assume you have reported this via the official channels.

The chat is logged and can be viewed retrospectively.

No place for discrimination on Zwift.

Hi @Clare_Greenwood_R_K

Sorry you had such a bad experience. Please report it to Zwift.

I will also flag this up. Zwift take these kind of things serious.

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Please report this sort of behaviour.

It is not ok.


Take a screen shot next time to identify the culprits :wink:

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Oh boy, this is a difficult one.

Whilst I don’t agree with the alleged comments, I wonder how far we have to go with censorship.

Why should we get so worked up about comments made by idiots?

Did you speak up, @Clare_Greenwood_R_K when the comments were made?

Zwift is a worldwide platform that supposedly welcomes everyone.
We have to accept that we are going to get the good and the bad from all walks of life.

The censorship filter in Zwift is broken anyway.
We can earn a ■■■■■■■■■ badge but we can’t type the word ■■■■■■■■■. (Ma so ch ist) and in the replies to Clare’s opening post, one profile pic contains the F word.

Where do we stand?

I agree.
The comments that made Clare start this topic are not pleasant but where do we draw the line?

There is no need for a screen shot all the comments are in the log file.

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Apologies for any offence caused on my behalf, I’ve had that profile pic for years. I’m so normalised to it i don’t even notice it anymore.

I’ve now changed it.

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Personally, it didn’t bother me but just showed the discrepancies within Zwift.

One Zwifter has a profile pic of an incredibly voluptous woman that leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination.

I’m kind of torn.
Whilst I agree with @Clare_Greenwood_R_K that the comments are a little off, I don’t find them offensive and if I had witnessed them, I would just know that I don’t want to interact with that group and ignore them.

It’s a difficult one and I’m glad I’m not a moderator.

The Zwift Terms of Service say that posting anything (which presumably includes in-game chat) that covers the following is not allowed:

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Ok, so I was recently branded as an ‘idiot’ for saying that a climb in Zwift was not brutal.

Where does that stand in the Zwift terms of service?
If I didn’t find it offensive, threatening or abusive, is that ok?

Using the Zwift terms, how do we decide what is offensive, for example?
How many Zwifters are there?
What if only one person found a comment offensive, what does Zwift do?

Personally, I don’t think the comments that started this topic are that bad BUT I wouldn’t have made them myself.

If the ride is uncomfortable for a person and the offending person does respect the wishes of the person that find it offensive then it should be brought up to Zwift.

Many things can be offencive to different people, so we all as Zwifters need to be aware of our words and if someone is offended and ask to not use that words or change the topic then we should take their wishes into consideration and make them feel welcome.

This is the key part, those who are offended need to speak up as well. The comments mentioned in the OP would not have offended me at all and I also don’t think they are deserving of a flag or shadow ban of the user. There are different levels of severity and those comments on the harsh end of the spectrum are usually pretty obvious, but I would put an expression like “hookers and coke” on the low end.

But I’m also the guy who would use that expression to describe eating a baconator from Wendy’s :man_shrugging:

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young men should definitely be dissuaded from buying ceramic jockey wheels in my opinion but i don’t know if i have the moral authority to call someone out for suggesting that they go and do it

if it’s against TOS, report it in the companion app because it’s one of the few things zwift actually act on. a friend of mine, who isn’t me, got an email warning for calling someone in a zwift race a “■■■■■■■ ■■■■■” which may or may not have been warranted

Custard cream?

Not blocked for me, weird


i’m just quoting my friend. i take no personal responsibility for his choice of biscuit


Hello @Clare_Greenwood_R_K thank you for raising your concern here. Toxic behavior is not acceptable in-game, or anywhere in Zwift, including this forum. If you see it - there is a way to report it that we ask you to use.

My colleagues review these reports and they’ll be acted on appropriately. This is done offline to protect the privacy of both the accuser and the accused.

Seeing how this thread has strayed off topic and the OP’s legitimate concerns trampled on and negated by people who were not involved in the incident - this discussion will be closed.