Once again forum admins have overstepped the mark

Closing down a discussion, citing reasons that are simply not accurate is an abuse of responsibility.

Just because you do not like the discussion, doesn’t give you the right to shut it down.

Zwift urgently need to review the conduct of the moderators on this forum.

@shooj can this be investigated please. I have private messaged you as well.

The reasons for the public post is that other users were expressing legitimate concerns with me and the individual who closed the discussion was one of the individuals that had, on many occasions in the thread (among others) was seeking to misrepresent the discussion and shut down ‘dissenting’ voices.

I think that in this case the discussion was throwing up some fundamental issues about Zwift so the closing down was aimed more at shutting that down than any personal abuse.

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It also seems moderators have abused their position and banned people from commenting that they disagreed with.

I’ve been sent some very relevant information for that thread that is of huge interest and therefore continues the discussion.

i’m with you. i just got out of a zwift ride with with a ZHQ member in (i wont name him just in case he misspoke and i dont want him to get in trouble for chatting in a group ride) and he said they are allowed to talk about sauce so there’s no reason a staff member can’t at least clarify their policy for you

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(It wasn’t me)


that’s why i didn’t name him. nah i’m just messing with you. i was only half paying attention but the convo was about zam, sauce etc and from what i understand it’s generally zwift policy to not comment on third party apps. which sounds reasonable to me. i dont use any so i dont have a horse in the race

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I might add James that I’ve observed you to always be great on these forums. Polite, curtious and apologetic if you feel you have misunderstood somebody. I always appreciate your contribution.


James still owes me a HR monitor so he’s not all good. :wink:


And now topics are being deleted despite them not breaching any forum rules.

If this is not to shut down the discussion for personal dislike reasons, what is?

Not at all. I’ve been as critical of Zwift as anyone over the years, and have no issue with people speaking about Zwift’s failings.

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That’s not how it has come across. The discussion was progressing and you just closed it with very spurious reasoning.

Being a moderator doesn’t preclude me from taking part in the conversation.

Taking part in the conversation doesn’t preclude me from acting as a moderator.

It does if you seemingly close down a discussion you don’t wish to be happening. I suggest that you have overstepped your responsibilities as a moderator as there were many people that wanted that discussion.

I’m not going to get into a tit-for-tat with you, nor explain myself any further. You’ve already taken it up with Shuji, so I’ll await the outcome of that.

Why do people comment when they keep saying they don’t want to! Weird.

I did not interact in that thread (I just stood and watch it burn).

I did read every post (yes we read a lot of stuff) and that post was going off the rails very fast.

We are very tolerant on people criticizing the program BUT once it become personal we will step in.

This topic will also be closed soon.


What about when moderators get personal? What about when the same 6 people troll threads to shut them down?

@Tim_White I think that you’ve been pretty combative the last few days on the forums with your Sauce thread and arguing with Sarah about her group ride hostility thread. Easy for me to see why you are being shut down by the moderators.

Perception is reality when it comes to these types of issues. If a moderator perceives someone as being inappropriate, making personal attacks, breaking the rules of the forums, etc. then it is their responsibility to act.


That’s exactly what I thought. There was an agenda to stop the discussion. Same as this thread.

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