Severe frame rate drop on New York on KOM segments [iPad]

Describe the bug
Yesterday evening, I rode in New York for the first time in about two months. I was riding Knickerbocker Reverse. On reaching the KOM segment, I suddenly experienced horrific drop in frame rate (around 1 frame every 1-3 seconds). However, there was no lag on input to Zwift, or from Zwift to my bike (the elevation and resistance was changing was expected). As soon as I left the elevated section, the frame rate drop largely disappeared. There was some slight slow down as I went back under the same second, but it was still within acceptable bounds. I put it down to it being in the late afternoon UK time and potentially being down to rider numbers.

I then rode Empire Rising this morning. As soon as I hit the Reverse KOM segment, I experienced the same massive drop in frame rate. There were very few other riders in my vicinity, however, I still experienced the frame rate drop to one frame every 1-3 seconds. Again, it largely disappeared once I left the KOM section, and dropped again as I hit the normal KOM section. It then went back to normal after leaving the elevated segment.

What should be happening?
There shouldn’t be any frame rate drop.

Other context
I asked about this on the Zwift sub-reddit and confirmed it wasn’t just me experiencing it in the same place. At least one other user was also using a 3rd generation iPad Pro (same as myself).

System Specs/Bike
Device: iPad Pro 11-inch (3rd generation) – battery was above 60% first time, 95% second time.
OS: iPadOS 17.2
Zwift: 1.56.0 (124332)
Bike: Wahoo Kickr Bike (v1)