Zwift iOS 15

Has anyone tried Zwift with iOS 15? Can anyone confirm compatibility or if there are any issues?

I’ve done a quick test on my usual zwifting device — 2018 iPad Pro — after downloading and installing iPadOS 15.0, and Zwift worked as it has before, i.e. no problems.
(The update was only made available after my evening group ride, so I didn’t have the chance to ride longer.)

I’ve also just checked Zwift on my iPhone 11 Pro after installing iOS 15.0 and it all seemed fine, too.

Used in workout mode and worked fine on IpadOS 15. Haven’t upgraded phone yet. So Companion was still on 14.8 iOS and communicated fine as well.

Zwift on iPad OS 15.0 / 2018 iPad Pro 11” here.

In my case so far there’s been a significant performance drop. Zwift was largely smooth on my iPad (all sensors/power were BT smart). The iPad OS 15 update has rendered Zwift incredibly choppy (very low frame rate). Not sure if it’s iPadOS or Zwift (or both).

Performance with my trainer itself seems unaffected - I’m not seeing any significant issues there however. While this is disappointing it’s not the end of the world - though a whole season of this would be hard to stomach.

I’d definitely hold off upgrading if potential visual performance drops would bother you. Will update if things change or improve.


Same on iPad Air4. Need same wrok from Zwift, graphics performance droped.
-uninstall Zwift
-full iPad restart
-install Zwift

Reviving this old thread, because I finally took the plunge and upgraded to iOS 15.2, on my iPad Air 4. I’m seeing exactly this same problem with low frame rate, but for me, it seems related to the remaining battery percentage: as soon as it drops below 50% the frame rate drops, while above 50% things work fine. This can be clearly seen in this screenshot from a zwiftalizer analysis of the log of my last ride, where the battery went below 50% at about 14:45. This behaviour has been repeated in multiple rides.

I’m running the latest version of Zwift (1.20.0 100231), and I tried the suggestion below of deleting and reinstalling but it made no difference.

Is anyone else seeing similar behaviour?

That looks entirely deliberate.

Didn’t happen iOS 14 though (although that was with an earlier version of Zwift), and I’d rather have the choice of higher frame rate battery running out sooner…

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Perhaps it’s the OS throttling hardware performance then, rather than Zwift. Are there any options in the battery settings which refer to power management? Try disabling them if so.

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I’ve looked, but so far found nothing that iPadOS lets you tweak. I could understand if this happened at 15% battery, but 50% seems very conservative.

I should have returned with an update - I too discovered the same thing. It throttles at exactly <50% unless the iPad is tethered to a power source.

I have a plug nearby so in the end I just have to make sure it’s plugged in. It’s annoying but at least it’s not consistently throttling as I first thought.

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I’d rather not power the iPad during my rides; too many wires everywhere already, just another thing to trip over. If I start with 100% that lasts me for 2-2.5 hours until the drop in FPS, but it’s annoying for my longer rides to lose FPS at the end where I need more motivation!

Anyone from Zwift able to comment on whether this is a deliberate feature of Zwift, or something new in iPadOS 15?