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Hi folks,

I am new to Zwift and this training type.

I recently bought a Tacx Neo 2T and it’s great. The only problem is that I don’t really have the right equipment to get the most out of it. I’m using the Tacx software but I am intending to use Zwift. I’m only using my iPhone and although it is a Max it’s really not big enough to get the full feel of videos etc.

I want to move to using it on a television and I reckon an Apple TV 4K will do the trick.

My main problem is this. My pain cave is my garage but it is slightly too far away from house to get a wi-fi signal. I am going to use my iPhone and tether it to Apple TV. That seems fine in terms of working the Apple TV but on videos I’ve been watching the iPhone is also a controller when used with Zwift.

Has anyone out there used Apple TV tethered to iPhone whilst using Zwift?

If it doesn’t work well I will try and find another solution to my wi-fi signal.

Thanks in advance.

I don’t do apple products but Shane Miller (aka gplama) does.
If you google gplama and apple tv you will get a bunch of hits. I don’t know what all he has discussed or discovered but on the zwift podcast he is ALL about the apple tv for zwifting.

Hi Stephen, i would go for a Wifi-Repeater or a Powerlink adapter by the electricity network


I would use a Cat7 network cable. It’s the cheapest and best.

Thanks a million Jimmie, I’ll do that. :tumbler_glass:

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Hi Ben,

My whole house is hard wired for the internet and I have Cat 7 by the mile. :joy::joy:

This would be a good suggestion and had thought of it but the garage is about 40/50 metres away over garden and patios and paths. The patio slabs are concreted in so I can’t get the cable underneath.

Thanks for taking the time to answer. :tumbler_glass:

Ah, OK, didn’t think the garage is so much away fom the house :joy:

If there’s a 2-wire telephone cable there are some VDSL2 solutions.
Otherwise use powerline, I guess you have power in the garage?
If not, use a Outdoor WLAN Bridge, like TP-Link CPE210

Hi Stephan,

As it’s 40/50 metres from the modem I’ve tried a couple of things but repeaters aren’t giving a constant reliable signal. I hadn’t thought of using the electricity network although garage has it own circuit and fuse boxes etc. I’ll look into this as it may be an answer.

Thanks for taking the time to answer.

Brilliant Ben. I’ll give your other suggestions a look. Thanks a million. I’d much rather have hard wired internet than use a tethered mobile.

A lot of other companys have similar products, like Ubiquity, but I like TP-Link cause they’re rather cheap but work flawless.

For best results I would use one as sender at the house and another as receiver at the garage.

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Fantastic. I’ll get into researching that way. Thanks a million for taking the time out to answer and provide the links. :tumbler_glass:

Ride on!

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A wee update. I know you all can’t sleep worrying about my situation. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Tried the Powerline suggestion. My friend had a couple of good ones in his drawer. Doesn’t work. Tried it within my house and it worked perfectly. Gave brilliant speed. I fully rewired my house about six years ago including garage. The garage had a separate consumer unit put in at this point (as per regulations). This appears to be the problem with the Powerline working.

Thanks for the suggestion folks.

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Yes, powerline adapter can’t connect through ferromagnetic powermeters, and I think also not through electronic powermeters.

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