WiFi set up

Hi , I have recently moved into a new house and my pain cave will be in my garage and I don’t have any telephone line in there and it isn’t possible to put one in . What would the best set up for using WiFi . Would I have to get WiFi dongle etc

I use my mobile phone as modem for my pc,real easy!

Connected to your WiFi router or 4G :thinking:


Why can’t you put a phone line to the garage? And what would the phone line be for, actually?

What is your Zwift setup? iOS or other mobile device? Laptop? TV? ATV?

I have no phone near my setup, just WiFi. I use an ATV 4K connected to a TV and a fixed channel for the WiFi. Everything seems to work very well.

you could try a power line lan or powerline wifi adaptor. That way you can bring your home internet to the garage using the current electrical wire.

Assuming the garage is on the same circuit that is. Mine is on a different one, annoyingly.

1 , I thought you needed a telephone line to connect a WiFi router
2 my house is attached to other houses before my garage , so I won’t be paying to connect my line to the garage . I was under the impression that you need WiFi to use zwift ?
3 . I am using my laptop with ant+
Is a ATV an apple box ?
It all seems to technical for me :flushed:
Thanks for the reply

Your laptop is fine. not need for apple tv, it wont solve your internet issue.

You need internet to be more precise, wifi is just a way to get the internet from your modem to your laptop, but a cable would also work.

What type of internet do you use at home? some suppliers do have a wireless system with a sim card the uses 4G like a sell phone, you could get one of those for the garage.

Other option if you have lots of data on your phone you can create a hotspot and link your laptop to the phone over wifi.

No one should be using a phone line to connect to the internet anymore unless you have dial-up internet and in that case your connection would be too slow for Zwift (or anything else for that matter).

Phone line/cable is different than network cable.

You need an internet connection to use Zwift.

Are you talking about DSL or Cable internet?

My first recommendation to the poster would be to try a wi-fi router in his house positioned as close to the garage as possible and then see if the signal strength of a 2.4 GHz connection is good enough (Channel 1 to reduce microwave oven interference). That’s probably only effective if the garage close though.

After that, I’d do the cell phone hotspot. I’ve never measured Zwift’s data usage but it’s likely small. I come from the world of car simracing which is more reliant on detailed real-time data and even that doesn’t add up to much. He could reduce data usage by starting Zwift before a session in the house in case there’s a software update.

A couple of other potential options:

  1. Move some stuff from the house to the garage, so that there’s room to set up your Zwift area in the house. It shouldn’t take up too much space, and might be able to be moved to the corner when not in use.

  2. Become friends with the person who has the house closest to your garage, then see if you can hook a router up to their WiFi for your Zwift sessions.

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I use my Samsung Note8 via WiFi from the house into my garage to run Zwift. My man cave is the garage. Zwift runs just fine. I cast from my phone on the handle bars to my 58" tv.