Settings Menu

(Jeff Martz) #1

Is the settings menu accessible from the login screen? I can’t figure out how to get to the settings… if it’s not I think the settings menu needs to be accessible from before logging into the application. I was stupid and set my application to run in full screen mode and when my Bluetooth keyboard broke I couldn’t login because the program wouldn’t let the windows keyboard display itself so I could login. I am using a Surface Pro tablet. I had to buy a new bluetooth keyboard and once I finally logged in I wasn’t able to get to the settings menu because my bike is locked in a shed across town, my trainer is downstairs in the basement and I can’t pair any of my devices to the program to be able to start the ride so that I can pause the ride to get to the settings… or just make a button in the corner that lets you go from full screen to windowed mode without having to go through the settings at all… please  :slight_smile:



(Jon Mayfield) #2

There’s no way to access the settings screen from the login page, however you can just delete your Documents/Zwift/prefs.xml file to reset back to windowed mode if you want.   Nothing if value is saved in there and it’ll just re-create itself once you run the game.