Settings menu outside a Ride + Companion App

Please place the Menu button outside the ride, it is not user friendly to have to enter a ride to access the settings menu, there are things you want to do without having to enter a ride, for example:

  • View badges
  • Access your garage
  • Change your avatar, bike or wheels
  • Review your statistics

If it is possible please add the settings menu with the options above in the Companion App

Hello, is there a way to get into the menu now without starting a tour? I also find it cumbersome that this cannot be done after logging in to the window with the worlds and workouts or in the Companion App , for example. If you just want to make adjustments, should the menu be accessible more quickly, or am I missing something?

No, you aren’t missing anything. The only way to access the menu is by starting a ride. Completely backwards thinking.

This has been raised so many times, completely counterintuitive, hopefully the Zwift team fix it soon.

Thank you Mike :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you Rodrigo. Let’s hope :slightly_smiling_face::vulcan_salute: